Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


This isn’t a meme but I fail to understand how this was even on

It’s sooo poorly edited!!!


Don’t ask for Global now then

Fresh memes made by me :D


@OiseauPlume Please remove the meme containing an expletive. Thanks!


Witch one?? I don’t understand expletive


The Ew I stepped in (APK) Meme


Really you have to been mean about that just because I don’t know much about global doesn’t mean I can’t ask questions without getting rediqualled


Me Though! So Great!!


It’s ok that’s why it’s a “Meme” not mean




1st and 3rd ones are gold 😂, but the 2nd is just rlly dark imho


Changed it for you.😉


Wow only 3 years for Mass Murder and possibly a Hijacking? Lol


I did the same thing after i saw that meme post


Hahaha how was that even allowed past the publishing stage.


Ik these are jokes but c’mon Aerofly isn’t bad whatsoever. I think it’s honestly a bit better than XP 10 and I’d go as far as saying it might be better than IF (Doesnt mean I don’t like IF, I like IF a LOT) Pls don’t get mad I’m sorry


Yeah but I never said that Aerofly 2 is a bad simulator. 🤔


It’s just not as good 😉


Mmhm sorry bout that

I just think its better than IF. I will resoect other opinions next time. :)


LOL what a strange non debate


But Flight Factor makes addons for XP on PC? You can pm me about this is you want to further talk about this :)