Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


That “guy + F18” doesn’t make sense.



Haha I found this gold on ifunny


My dad almost died in 77. He would have been on the train that blew up but he had a meeting somewhere else so he didn’t go on that train. Luckily he’s alive!






Fresh out of the oven. Made by me.
When a SWA tries to get into MEM


FedEx is like: “quick! Get on the runway so he can go around!


inside southwest cockpit

Southwest pilot"Blend in boys blend in"

ATC “Memphis atc here fedex aircraft only”

Southwest pilot “Ummm fedex163 here inbound please not special edition livery but we are fedex”

ATC “roger”

Southwest pilot “phew we got away with that”

5 minutes later

ATC “fedex163 cleared to land”

Southwest “roger”

ATC sees the plane!!

ATC “go around you are not FEDEX get out”

ATC “deploy fedex military MD-11 deploy we will defend our hub”

Southwest “they are on too us :(”

Southwest “lets go for it deliver the passengers”

Southwest pilot turns on the Seat belt sign turns on

Southwest to passengers “things are going to get a bit spicy”

Plane Callout 500

Fedex MD11 military “get out here you filthy passenger carrying scum”

Southwest “no mate cargo is for idiots”

Plane call out 100

Southwest “we made it”

Southwest “now what?”

Fedex MD11 “told you to leave CARGO rules the world”

Southwest pilot to passenger “evacuate immediately”

MD11 launches missile the passengers and captains escape but the plan blows up ): they get caught and are now in Fedex jail!

Fedex interrogator “why did you do it”


Fedex interrogator cries

The end


That escalated quickly…

What a story 😉 👍


Okay, what?! I think you’re a bit off somewhere… 😂


I guess it could be a KC-10…


Welcome to the Republic of FedEx.
Denied entry due to not being in a box.


Back to memes, not FedExes 😂
That was hilarious though!


That is the 747 being replaced meme with a Space Shuttle instead (anyways, Space Shuttles are not aircraft)


English? Not sure if I understand…


Post number 37 in this topic and your meme both have the same logic. Main difference is @Northwest used the 747 which is a plane and you used a Space Shuttle which according to Wikipedia and the Oxford Dictionary, is not a plane and so your meme is not aviation related.


I got inspiration from memes like that yes, and x37b and space shuttles are aviation, they have wings, engines and can fly.


Your interpretation of the definition of airplane is wrong. Can the Space Shuttle and the X37B take off in at least the same fashion as VTOL and land with the boosters still attached the same way they were at Launch Time? And is the X37 or the Space Shuttle referred to as an aircraft in official reports? Nope.


An aircraft by definition is any thing that can fly. A space craft is a type of aircraft. So in fact, you are incorrect.


That confuses me. one group says it is a plane and one group says it isn’t.

A Spacecraft Mechanical Engineer says it isn’t a plane, in this link.

And… Do birds, plastic covers and umbrellas (in windy weather), and toy drones qualify as airplanes?