Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2


Haha that Minecraft one! I literally burst into flames after watching that one 😂😂😂😂


Check this topic for further information👇


Delta operates like a budget airline for that flight



Yet again another super funny meme


Speak for yourself! I live in Charlotte and we get GOUGED on every route without competition.


I don’t find it that funny in my honest opinion a lot of innocent people lost their lives


Honestly I think the MH370 memes need to stop. We don’t make fun of 9/11 (which i fully agree with, we shouldn’t mock a tragedy) yet we are laughing and joking at the death of over 300 people. Imagine if someone you knew was on that plane and you saw people making fun of it.

I don’t mean to sound agressive, i say all that as respectfully as I can


I can’t agree with you more.


Oh my god guys it’s a meme, a joke. It’s a funny meme. Nobody is making fun of anyone. It’s a joke.


Second one made me laugh so hard I really had to admit that I think the same way as the pilot passengers 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Especially the cloud vs metar thing and everything else 😂😂


Would you make fun of 9/11? 77? The Paris attacks? Death is death, don’t mock it at all.


I never understood the Google one.


I’ll make a poll, I don’t want to seem to be forcing my views upon others if they disagree

  • We should allow memes that mock or laugh about aviation related terror incidents or crashes
  • We shouldn’t

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The joke is it says Gooooooooogle using the windows as the letter “o”


Visit, scroll down to the list of pages, notice how the pages are written. It says Goooooooogle. They did the same, except using airplane windows. Quite smart stuff Google :)


Personally, I think that the forum is mature enough to not get offended about stuff said by some guys/gals sitting behind computers… I think it’s fine the way it is, albeit if the memes start actually getting offensive towards a particular party then it would be an issue.


That is a very sensitive topic I don’t think many people are willing to vote. If you want to see votes at least make it private. (I am not saying it’s a bad poll but just a suggestion)


I flagged all posts with mh370 in it.


We shouldn’t. However, how you define “mocking” and “making fun of” is relative to the individual.


If you guys want to keep this topic alive, i strongly suggest some of you start to use some common sense before posting. Some things are just not that appropriate to post.

If this topic keeps heading the way it currently is, it will be closed and it’s not certain a new one will be allowed in the future.