Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2



Just change the livery to RyanAir and it would be perfect.




That I have a dream one Hahaha
I absolutely burst into pieces from laughing. That is SOOOO true!


Like my previous meme, based on my very own life.


Haha, in my case I ask them for a free upgrade…


The Korean Air one made me laugh out loud xD


Yeah. Me too. I have always wondered…




Remember, that is the minimum limit.


I’ve had a large amount of flights on SoCal TS1 where that does not happen.


Have you ever been to KNUC or KSAN??




Yes, multiple times. Ts1 noobs usually do quite smooth landings.


If the americans want to make another flight in which the space shuttle is attached to a plane they would continue to use the 747 instead of the 787. You must be right but If the ESA wanted to show up its most iconic plane attached to the SS, they would choose the a380. But the a350 might be the better choice


KSAN for me at least is by far the worst airport to control or fly out of or fly in to on TS1


Flying out of SAN means you have a glimmer of hope to not collide an A380 and a 747 at the same time, but controlling KSAN, umm… ehh… Ok I have absolutely nothing to say about it.


Fresh memes made with love :D

We have to go back 29082017203531


From atcmemes


I’m happy someone did an aviation version of this picture 😂