Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2



I’m doing the same ting lol. I’m not the only one!


Already posted that somewhere else! Soooo funny tho XD


That is sooooo true! 😂


@Matthew_Harrison That was really funny !!😂
@CyLyric I was laughing reading that, then what really made me laugh hard was the “Request transition” after all that😂😂. It also needed to say anouncing “Flight of 6” while flying by himself.


I just do touch and goes in a 737-800 and get 6000xp an hour. Might not be the best but it’s a good way to pass the time and prep for global.


. * When you tune into a TS1 freq. and the ATC actually knows what they’re doing:

And then when you fly to another airport do a T&G there and fly back to the original airport the good controller is gone and now you have one that issues an “immediate takeoff” to an aircraft when you’re on a 1nm Final, and you have to go around… TWICE due to the same bloody mistake of the controller!:



*Based on a real story that happened just then…


I was observing you 😂


The whole time I was flying to multiple airports?


Plane, The runway is NOT a trampoline


I think we all agree, don’t we?


Yep, while flying around in circles :)


KNUC has literally turned into a meme itself


LoL! I totally agree with you!


This is one of those slogans for airlinesIMG_0248


These were on Facebook


Nice! That is so good! 😂


Would you guys be fine if I reposted my own from the previous thread??


A lot of other people have. I don’t see why that would be a problem.