Funniest Aviation Memes Pt. 2

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Yes Guys this is official, aviation Memes part 2 is here, this is a thread for your funniest aviation memes that you have found! Also any jokes you have ๐Ÿ˜‰

Two ones I found ^^^

All I ask you guys on this thread to do is - try not to repeat the same meme that has been posted (This may get harder when there are thousands of posts, just at the start I ask you to)



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Oh yeah, itโ€™s back! These were my best ones from the old thread:

And this is also great (however it is a bit rude, just warning you)


Yasss, first post!
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The great sequel from Die Hard serie.


A personal fave of mine considering I am a Social Anthropologist!



That has to be the best aviation meme Iโ€™ve seen!


Iโ€™ve wondered this always when I was younger.


My favirote. ๐Ÿ˜‚




Iโ€™m sorry but this is too funny



Lol donโ€™t repost images, first two images posted are reposts from the old thread


Thereโ€™s a lot of memes in the old one, no ones going to check if theirs has been posted already.




Best one Instagram could pull up. Creds to Plane_ol_jokes on Instagram

If it is too much pics please tell me


Some may be repots, but Iโ€™m not going to check through the thousands of posts in the old thread to see if they are reposts or not.



@THE-OP posted this awhile back, and it was on the old memes page. I think it is worthy of being reposted here:

Source: Aviation memes






Sorry if these are duplicates




All made by me