Frontier Virtual Expressways I Under Construction I


Sorry for the landing. Crj-200 gets tough at low air speeds. Love flying the e-jets though


We can't always help those landings! I'm just glad you're so willing to help fly our FVE passengers.
To all reading, this is our main senior pilot.


I'll have to practice with crj before your return flight @Cpt_Chris


Okay.... Why didn't i see this thread 3 days ago... Lol... Nvm
Frontier and southwest guys amazing job, keep it up.
Also can I fly to Chicago please? I have a meeting with the CEO of Boeing fir ordering more B787s fkr Qantas and I would like your aircraft to take me to Denver. Also I want to enjoy the egg and bacon lol. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰


Sorry didn't see the site I'll just directly book the flight. :)


Dear Samuel,

Currently FVE does not fly in the Chicago region. If you'd like to see us there please private message us and we will do our best to charter a flight for you. Until then. I'm afraid we must stick to Denver and California. We hope you can see beyond this and to the fact that we love transporting pilots like you :)
Also, our breakfast menu is only serviced on morning flights. ^IF

~ Expressways Service Desk


(Credit for this edit goes to @Captain_Matt)
An Expressways E170 departing Aspen for a flight to Pueblo Memorial. This is just one of our most recent flights.

Stick around for some interesting updates to FVE that will affect everyone who flies including but not limited to:

-Frontier Alliance Lounge introductions at COS
-Explanation of Zone useage on boarding passes
-Frontier Expressways Promotional Codes
-Recruitment Needs
-Flight Attendants Hiring!

As always, you can find out more about FVE in the above thread. If you’d like to book a flight like some of your fellow forum members and enjoy comfort and treatment like a first class passenger, please consider booking a flight!

Ratings: 100% for 2/2 Pax

"I had a very nice and realistic flight, those M&M’s along with the Grey Goose mixed with coca cola was great, the flight attendant was very hospitable! Recommend FVE 100% (@Cpt_Chris)

β€œJust had my first flight with FVE! Great flight! Amazing pilot skills with high winds!” (@Brandon_Kreuter)


Photoshop Saturday

Where is Expressways taking you? Happy Earth Day fellow pilots. I'll see you onboard your nearest FVE flight.

Frontier Virtual Airlines I Frontier Trip Report Released

This photoshop master is amazing...happy earth day!


We are appreciative you enjoy it. If there is anything we can do just ask us. :) IF^

PAGING A MR @Cpt_Chris...please head to your FVE DM as your flight status has been updated with current expectations of an early departure for Frontier Flight F9 1906 nonstop service from KSAN - KLAX aboard our CRJ-200.


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