Frontier Virtual Expressways I Under Construction I


Beginning final approach into KDEN!


Oh and @Infinite.flight i booked a flight for tonight from KLAX to KSAN and my return flight is tommorow.


Hello Capt_Chris,

We thank you for booking a flight onboard Expressways. However several hours will not be enough for me to gather a flight crew. Is there a way we can accommodate you for another flight?

~ Expressways Service Desk


This is horrible 🙄 I reserved a place to eat and my wife is waiting in the table, yes when can we do it??


Dear Capt_Chris

Our soonest flight out to KLAX from KSAN leaves 0200Z tomorrow. Will that be okay?

~ Expressways Customer Service


Just had my first flight with FVE! Great flight! Amazing pilot skills with high winds!


Wait i dont get it, you can actualky board a plane or is it just a reinactment?? 😂 Sorry if i sound dumb.


It is a complete reenactmeant with a video for you to listen to aircraft sounds, a FA in a private message with you for all the realistic speeches and services.


It is our highest pleasure serving you today, Mr Kreuter. ^IF


Oh okay, thats sounds very cool cant wait, and how long estimated in minutes will my flight begin boarding?


Dear Capt_Chris,

Our apologies but we have no active flight crew for a departure in SoCal tonight. We recommend you get in a private chat with our booking agents and we will get you on our first flight to KLAX tomorrow at 0200Z. Our apologies for this inconvenience. ^IF

~ Expressway Service


Is there any crew for denver then?


Dear Capt_Chris,

Our soonest flight for SoCal is tomorrow at 1825Z with a flight in the Denver Region at 0200Z. Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.
Let us explain. The reason for such a delay is it takes roughly an hour for a boarding pass to be printed. By then our only available staff goes over his minutes so we must ground our SoCal flight tonight. Tomorrow begins a new flight and a new day. We hope you can see our side. ^IF

~ Expressways Service


Roger, contact me tommorow then, otherwhise i will hope on ny 1982838447$ dollar jet and go there mysekf


Dear Capt_Chris,

If you would like to book a flight for tomorrow we recommend booking tonight. This will give our pilots and cabin crew time to prepare. We apologize for for making this a problem for you. Have a blessed night ^IF

~ Expressways Service


Here at FVE we would like to thank all for helping make our grand opening flight a big success. A special thanks to passenger @Brandon_Kreuter for being willing to do such a short hop (total flight time was 10 minutes).

Sale, Book Now. Offer ends 05/01/17

Till the end of this month, all beverages and snacks onboard any FVE flight are complimentary.* Book now and enjoy a relaxing flight while you let FVE cabin crew take you on one hilly adventure.

*Note: Sale does not apply to hot meals.

I look forward to receiving your booked flight and getting you comfortable. So why wait now? Book and fly for cheap! Frontier Expressways, Your Ticket to the Rockies!


Frontier Virtual Expressways is getting ready to board a flight to San Diego! If you would all like to keep an eye on LiveFlight and witness our second flight of our official existence...tune in ;)
More updates during the flight coming!

We are currently getting ready for departure out of Gate 32A (which is the gate frontier flies out of IRL).


Want to find ultra realism? FVE has it all! At the beginning of each flight you are gven an IFE video to help with the familiar sounds during a flight. Check out this photo of our San Diego evening flight.

Thanks to @Cpt_Chris for being our second passenger in history. We really enjoyed our 20 minute flight with you. Enjoy your stay in San Diego.


Thanks to the pilot for his hard crash landing, and most of all thank you to the best flight attendant in the world @Infinite.flight he made my bed and everyth.. oh wait, ok anyway had a very nice and realistic flight, those M&M's along with the Grey goose mixed with coca cola was great, the flight attendant was very hospitable! Recommend FVE 100%


We are glad you approved. And yes @Hayden_Mundell had a rough landing. We are glad to see you can enjoy it despite that.
See you in two days for your return flight.