Frontier Virtual Expressways I Under Construction I


Well done. The addition of an egg and bacon breakfast is, in my opinion, by far the best advancement I have seen in the VA community yet. Absolutely Brilliant work.

Seriously though, pretty cool stuff dude.


I mean it's eggs and bacon so of course it's the best 😂! But seriously, thank you a lot for your kind words!


04/19/17 On this day the inigural flight with passenger @Brandon_Kreuter begins its voyage.

Captain: @Hayden_Mundell
Chief Flight Attendant: @Infinite.flight

If you'd like to track this momentous flight please head over to LiveFlight.


Please report to our private message. We have been calling your name over the PA system.


Where will this flight take place?


kcos to kden! track us


it is on expert server


Happening right now in expert server. F9 3708 flight KCOS - KDEN!



Currently on takeoff roll. See y'all in Denver (airplane mode on)


It actually says 1 pax booked lol


Im going to book a flight, do i get a special doscount or a seat in the cockpit as i fly for the same VA?? 😂


That is because one IFC passenger is currently flying with us. If we get two for the same rogue on the same date it would say "2 PAX Booked"


That's exactly what you want to see on your first flight, overpriced snacks and beverages. 😂😂


Hello Mr Hertel,

If you would like to message us concerning our prices we will be only to happy to assist. If you'd like to book a flight with us we owuld love it as well :)


Remember, we call these airlines such as frontier cheap ass and good, and we call airlines like spirit cheap ass and horrible ;) these prices are horrible and you must cope with them. But here at frontier, we were trained to steal your money, and if you could hand us over your wallet/purse or any rolexes or louis vuittons or space jams, i will make sure the plane does not crash. :)


For the first initial flights all Snacks and drinks save for alcoholic beverages and meals are free. So book your flight before they become costly ;)


Hey now bud...

I know we are in a casual environment, but please, choose better words. Many others could have sufficed. Thanks! :)


Hello Cpt_Chris,

If you are referring to our prices I can assure you they are customary for our flights. All flights for the next month are free of charge. So book your flight before they become costly.


As a frontier pilot myself, my experience with frontier is great, not only do i get to fly a plane from the year 1960 but i get to have allot of money, not because frontier pays allot, but because i steal from every single one of my passangers, rich or poor, you make sure you do not bring anything with more than 20$ of value on the flight, because i get payed less than that when flying for frontier :)