Frontier Virtual Expressways I Under Construction I


I totally appreciate this post a very good pleasure to read !


Thank you for taking the time to read haha. (It will be added to)
@Isolt_Ilvermorny thank you for your kind words. Don't forget to book with FVE ;)


dont worry i always say kind words for some people who diserve it


Nice work. Southwest and Frontier part of the cream of the VA crop.

1 thing though- you were the winner of 3 awards... nominated for a 4th. Cheeky.


Well thank you kindly sir. I hope to see you onboard in the near future, I enjoy having my pilots fly people like you 😋


Bookings for FVE are going thru the roof...


Cream of the crop? I like the saying ;). And thank you for your very nice words.



I can concur with that. I already have our next flight booked by @_keithjames99 (thank you good sir)


I think it's still four time winner. They won three first places and won one second place. Not sure, but that's how I would see it.


Winning = first.

Either way, It dosen't really matter and I won't make a petty argument here, quite honestly the awards don't really stand for much and that's not fair on the good work @Infinite.flight and his team has done with this.


We didn't make the banner ourselves so my apologies if the discrepancy is bothering anyone.

We hope you can look past that at the airline itself. Thanks everyone :)


Glad we both agree :)


Wow! This is really cool! Nice job @Infinite.flight.


IF should add a camera where you can "ride" on other peoples planes. Like a wing view but its someone elses plane.


I do like that. It would be nice and the day that comes out, it will be utilized heavily for us :).
Hope to see you onboard a Frontier Expressways flight in the future.


I'd like to give an absolute mega shoutout to @CasaAviation for designing what you are about to see.

Frontier Expressways is proud of be the first carrier to utilize an Inflight Menu. After booking your flight, checking in, and arriving at your gate for boarding, you will be asked of show your boarding pass sent to you by the Southwest Booking Department. After you show it and it is cleared, you will be given both of these cards as well as our Safety Demonstration Card provided in the link below.

Safety Demonstration Card for the Dash 8Q-400

@Brandon_Kreuter @_keithjames99 Please pay special attention to the above as you guys have booked flights.
All of this information just given you will soon be put into the main body of this thread so you can also find it up there. We hope this motivates you to book a flight onboard Frontier Expressways! Have a wonderful day everyone.

~ The Frontier Expressways Staff


Thank you, looking forward to flying with you.


We are looking forward to having you onboard!


$8 a Glass?!?!? Blimey, I think I can see where @Infinite.flight's bonus comes from...

@CasaAviation Brilliant design :)


I mean a guy has to make his ahem cough* dough on the side ;) also these are ultra rare wines that come only from a uh wine house in....oh hey look a door.
Lol but thanks for appreciating them. CasaAviation is an outstanding designer.