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Hey there,

I applied for FVA pilot and I got 25 out 30 on the test. I have comments regarding the first and second question;

β€’ I think the pattern is not when aircraft do touch and goes because pattern is not only for that, it also for take off and landing as well as holding short and whether pattern accepted or not. Even for the wind directions either calmed or crosswind.
What I beleive a touch and goes is one of the Runway Pattern.

β€’ When ATC is given a command to go arround while you are on short final Runway, you supposed to pull-up and annouce to go arround?! This question really confused me because you already annouced to go arround why you do annoucing to the ATC again, is this part of dublicated messages?
To pull-up yeah that's true, but secondly to annouce! That was really confusing and that why I put 360 and continue inbound, however.

I think questions need to Re-paraphrased and this is my opinions.

Thank you very much and I am so happy to fly with you my dear friends.

Best Regards,


When announcing pattern it solely means touch and goes. Remember this is on takeoff. You announce your intentions as pattern work, you are not cleared to depart the airspace.

When a controller tells you to go around you go around. No ifs it's or buts. It's a solid rule. So saying that you'll just complete a 360 and then continue inbound isn't exactly the answer we were looking for ;)

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Proud to release our first event recap in a good long while. Thanks to @Tecnam2TA for filming this for us. That nice music just adds a subtle undeniable flavor ;)


Frontier Virtual Airlines is partnering with FVE in a recruitment event for Expressways. If any of you are interested please message me.
If you are interested in becoming a pilot who flies flights that real world IFC members book, and get to interact with an FA who treats you as the real captain of a flight, contact myself or Matt.


Photoshop Saturday! Thanks to FVA pilot @Drew33950 for showing us, giving us a glimpse into what might be possible one day for FVA! #weneedmoreliveries.

If you're interested in joining the FVA family please consider giving us a chance. It might be one humdinger of a ride ;)

Check out our newest event! And look below to discover our brand new subsidiary Frontier Expressways, Your Ticket to the Rockies! FVE is a huge brand on realism, promoting booking flights, realistic Inflight Menus, FAs to help you out during flights, and many more coming soon.


Ladies and gents of the forums,
I'd like to apologize for this inconvenience upcoming. For the next 7 days, FVA and FVE will not be accepting any pilot applications. This is solely my choice. I cannot explain why but I am temporarily closing applications. They will be reopened in exactly one week from now. We hope you can understand as much as possible that this is something we have to act on.

~ The Frontier Virtual Team


Hope everything is ok whatever the situation may be. πŸ‘πŸΌ


Frontier Virtual Airlines has officially reopened its application process. We'd like to thank all individuals who held off for their patience. We hope this inconvenience won't tarnish from the fun of being an FVA family member :)!

~ The Frontier Staff


From all of us (Star Wars fans and not) at FVA, we wish you a happy May the Fourth. One day maybe you will acept our invitation and join the Jedi.


I applied to become on of Frontiers amazing pilots! Hopefully I get to fly with you guys soon!


I'm so happy to hear you've applied! Hope to see you in our group soon to log them hours. πŸ˜‰


Go ahead and check your PM. By the way....welcome aboard πŸ˜‰!


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To all of you dark Sith Lords...happy Revenge of the Sixth!

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Hello guys,

How are y'all? I'm just giving out some weekly information in case you are looking at joining FVA. Do enjoy.

The 1st Purge- Lately we have been seeing many pilots go from active to inactive, reducing our numbers from 70 active pilots to 50 active pilots. Now you may be wondering "well why do you have to disable their accounts? 70 accounts in one slack is impressive." And the reason is just the opposite that. An airline or lack with over 70 accounts but only 20 roughly commenting every single day looks very inactive. So with the help and backing of my staff, FVA is entering what I have so dubbed "The Purge".
Every day of this week until this Saturday, every single account within the FVA slack is being checked at very carefully. If you are planning on joining soon, we recommend you think carefully as new pilots will be expected to maintain a certain quota of activity

New Thread
Due to my inability to edit this thread anymore, I've gotten in contact with moderators and I'm hoping to get it closed and open a new thread within a day or so. So this is probably one of the last posts here.

Our upcoming event, that is now delayed till May 21st due to Mother's Day withholding attendance yesterday.

Feel free to sign up. It's going to be a relaxing flight in the warm Florida coastline.

Southwest Virtual and Frontier Expressways:
Due to a disagreement between myself and our website designer who also runs SWV, SWV has politely asked to withdraw their contract with FVE in terms of bookings. FVA will now take 100% control over our subsidiary's methods of booking flights. For more information, you will be able to see below as it makes a big announcement ;)

Frontier Virtual Airlines NewsLetter:

Released upon every Monday of every-other week, the FVA Newsletter will allow anyone not affiliated with FVA to watch as we turn the gears in preparation for global. You will be allowed inside access to some of our upcoming ideas not shared with the general public. If you'd like to get our every-other week letter, please comment below and I will add your names.
The newsletter will be introduced on a week we do not have an event. So next week our first newsletter will become published. Again, only people who sign up will get a copy. Below are some of the things you will see in the newsletter:

1) Inside Podcast information on upcoming guests
2) Inside information on our global plans
3) Information on our POM (Pilot of the Month) awards and benefits
4) Updates on our partnership with @Lolo31R and SkyHub Alliance
5) Updates on such things that we feel it is needed to send out, such as receruitment closings, Purge events, normal events, etc.
6) Updates on Frontier Virtual Expressways.

And more! So if you're interested in seeing loads of content as mentioned above, again just comment below.

Thanks for reading guys and I will forward to great futures with FVA and with the IFC forums.

~ Robert (CEO at FVA)


I am very very proud of introduce this, my first set trip report to air on the FVA channel. Thanks to @Tecnam2TA for sitting through the huge wait gap it took to put this together and out it out in our RWA category on the channel.
If you haven't subscribed yet, please hit that sub button and we will be releasing Part II of this trip, LAX - DEN.

Again, a huge hanks to Daniel and all of you for keeping up with us.
@K3v1nxu @Balloonchaser There is a little mini bit of Denver during the taxi and such if you guys are interested ;).

(All credit goes to Captain Matt for this photo)

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Nice video. I love watching trip reports and getting a perspective on other flights πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜‰


I'm glad you enjoyed it/are enjoying it. Thanks for the encouragement :) there will be a full part II later :)


We at FVA are extremely excited for the possibility of a future working relationship with one of the biggest VAs in the forums itself, British Airways Virtual Airline or more commonly referred to as β€œBAVA”.

If you guys are interested in joining as flying as Frontier pilots of British Airways pilots, please comment below/check out the event thread.

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