Frontier Virtual Airlines I Frontier Trip Report Released


I hope we can do more in the future (space these out a bit so you don't work to much). But really man I felt so at home watching this video, almost like I was watching a real world video! Your quality and ingenuity is what makes you so vital to the FVA crew. Thank you :)


Nice video! Love how you brought a global-like feature into the video! Good Thinking...


We are glad you enjoy it :) feel free to leave a like! Have a great night man.


I tried doing something similar to thisawhile back but didn't succeed as I do not know how to edit. Glad I wasn't the only one who thought of it. Great vid!


It was and is an awesome idea. Gad you enjoyed.


Perfect, I love it. For Global I plan on doing timelapse videos of the routes from us, I think that could be cool as well :)


We are really glad you enjoy it :)


Hello guys, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on our Customer Service quality and Desk performance.

When do we use this page?
During an expert server FVA event, if you think one of the FVA pilots or staff are acting stupid in a manner on the expert server, please feel free to utilize our Customer Service Desk where we will respond within 24 hours, our guaranteed promise to you!
If you have a complaint about the amount of FVA topics in the forums, the respect any of FVA staff members or pilots show towards others when conducting va business, or if you feel FVA spams you with requests to join or posts our contact unformatim on threads not designed for it, you can use this Desk and we will remedy the problem.

Our Number One Priority is You! Whether that be you as an FVA pilot complaining about the lack of respect FVA staff show you (please tell me if that ever happens) or if it's a forum pilot not happy about the way FVA operates, we are ready and willing to adapt if possible.
-#flyfrontierva #acarrierwhocares -#family


I can foresee people abusing the customer service desk. Lol.


It's there to help people. If people abuse it that's a whole different ballgame.


Was that the "Saw" music I hear? Anyone else cringing at the nails scratching across the blackboard? Are you....spooky?
Join VAs where the spooks are thrown out and the safe environment to fly is revealed! #flyfrontierva #acarrierwhocares #family


Ladies and Gents,
If you have tried applying over the last week and have not received a forum post back, please be aware it is because of your lack of Grade 3+. If you are not Grade 3+ sadly we cannot accept your application no matter how well you have done one the entrance exam.
That being said, Frontier Virtual Airlines is going to be introducing a smaller surprise coming on Easter which I will be very proud to introduce to all of you. I think it's going to be a huge hit! :) so if you are Grade 2 and we're turned away, please keep your eyes on this forum post.
On Easter April 16, a surprise will be sent out!

~ The Frontier Virtual Staff


To the entire forum and FVA pilots,
From Frontier Virtual Airlines and soon to be Frontier Virtual Expressways, we would like to take one moment and wish all of you an amazing Easter! Thank you to everyone who made this carrier what it is today and who put effort and dedication into making sure we are one big family.
I'd also like to thank the FVA staff and pilots specifically for making us the most "Caring" VA! That really makes me happy.
So have an amazing eggg hunting. Chocolate eating, bunny filled, and He is Risen Indeed Easter Sunday!

~ The Frontier Virtual Staff alongside its baby Frontier Expressways


Dear all,

Finally I have found the thread Lol. I am looking for a position in Frontier/Etihad Virtual Staff since they both were merged recently. I would like to be part of Etihad Airways name since I am officially staff within Etihad Airways at Abu Dhabi.

For further information please PM me!

Thanks for your understanding

Best Regards,


Frontier VA doesn't openly accept full staff members publicly (with exceptions to website designers and etc.) I recommend joining as a pilot first. We'd love to have you!


This is one of the best oranganized VAs ever. Good job.


Thanks for replying.

Can you please explain more about Pilot Position you have so far?



I'm sorry it had taken me so long to respond (sleep is amazing until it drugs you and kidnaps half your morning).
@Cpt_Chris is the CEO for Etihad and although there has been no formal announcement I do believe Etihad is back on its own due to the fact that they and Chris have been making descision and such for tha va that normally we would make a the merged VA's owners.


That's OK bruh. Thank you very much, will wait till further notice.



You can apply as a FVA pilot on our website. We're always thrilled to see new pilots join the team. :)