Frontier Virtual Airlines I Frontier Trip Report Released


Frontier/Etihad Temporary Merge

Due to recent tensions within Etihad VA their CEO has come to us with a full offer of a merge. This would keep frontier logos, routes, and aircraft for new pilots while they would be allowed to keep their current minutes and ranks. If you are an Etihad pilot and are interested in joining the FVA family, please comment below, or fill out the application in my bio, or private message me.
It is our honor to host you guys, hopefully this transition can be completed without flaw and without hassle.

One final letter to the retiring Etihad crew and @Cpt_Chris , we realizecyou had many Airlines you could have gone to. On behalf of FVA I’m honored to be the recipient of such an airline. Thank you.


Congratulations for both Airlines from Delta! 👍👌


You guys will be back on your feet and leaving FVA soon! We are just your temporary home. Welcome aboard and enjoy this transition :) we will do all in our power to make it smooth.


Thank you my favorite ex Co Ceo :)


Thank you robert! Glad to have etihad in the Frontier Fam 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


We are glad in return. Enjoy your stay.


No KDSM routes? @Infinite.flight :/


Our realistic program will be utilizing all real worl frontier flights and that does include Iowa and Des Moines so yes we will be having KDSM routes although they will not be frequent ;) .

If you were looking at our creative map, that map is our final say on domestic US routes and Caribbean routes.


You guys.
Murph here. I just applied to join. Pretty juiced about it.
Bombed the test. Lost my juice.

Follow up questions?


You have been invited to the slack. The answers you got incorrect were only off by a small bit so you just need some brushing up which we can hit once you’ve joined. Thank you for checking us out, welcome aboard, and enjoy your stay!


Thank you sir! Looking forward to it.


Our pleasure, welcome to the family.


Well, that sucks. :/


I do agree. If you’d like to see more DSM routes please ask away. We are always glad to humor y’all when we can.


If this happens…;


If this happens it will be on the creative program sincecthe realistic program already operates some dsm routes.


Just had an amazing flight with @Mix56awesome @AdamCallow and a pilot not on the forums.

If flying with the FVA family is something you’d appreciate doing I highly encourage you to fill out that qpplication. Don’t just satisfy yourself with a hope, make that hope a reality! Any questions I’m here all day to answer any. Why fly alone when you can fly with family? #FVA #FAMILY


Frontiet Virtual Airlines Update:
Top of the afternoon to everyone. This is a mini update for FVA containing information that is useful if you are interested in finding out more about us or in joining.

Frontier Virtual SkyHub Alliance 🎧 Update 2.0:

FVA is proud to be a part of SkyHub with members at Lufthansa VA @Lolo31R and @CasaAviation. If you have any questions about this alliance or would like your virtual airline to be a part of this growing amazing group, simply message them. I see a very bright future for this alliance. Awesome work Lufthansa!

Frontier Virtual FVACast Update 2.5

Episodes are being released by next midweek at the latest. We do apologize for delays, our YouTuber has come ill with a high fever and we are for the time being putting a hold on all episodes. This shouldn’t last more than a week if @Tecnam2TA gets better!
Also, thanks to @CasaAviation again for being the art designer here at FVA so far, and allowing us to publish the FVACast newest art design! Make sure you give him a high five when you see him! Awesome work Casa.

Frontier Virtual Events Update

FVA now hosts biweekly events on the expert server only. Our most recent event coming tomorrow at 2000Z is shown in the link below.

Also new to the airline, we do host MiniSeries casual events for any non FVA grade 3+ pilot or anyone who wants to join but can’t access the expert server. These events are held midweek at 0245Z on the week that we do not have a main FVA event. Link below to our past event in Seattle. (Thanks for the idea from @mike_mclain a current FVA pilot)

Frontier Rating System Update

As part of our community service outreach to you as the IFC, FVA has implanted a voting system in the top of the thread where you can post your ideal rating of us as an airline. Please ensure while rating you look fairly and not biased. If you have a bad rating for us due to one of our pilots misbehaving or an event getting way to out of hand, feel free to vote and fill out our customer service sheet. We will return contact to you and work out any issues promptly.

That raps it up for this update guys if you have any questions as always I will be ready to answer to the best of my ability. Hope everyone is having a splendid afternoon/evening.

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Frontier VA Trip Report I LAX --> DEN I A319

It is my pleasure to be the first to welcome you to this Frontier Trip Report filmed by my COO @Captain_Matt .
This is not a real report but one filmed in IF. Any questions please ask! I cannot tell you how much I love this video. While it is true that F9 does not use TV screens anymore this audio was perfect for this video.
On behalf of FVA welcome to Denver! This is our first of several like this in the future. If you enjoy it please leave a like and a comment with any feedback on the YouTube channel.


I glad you like it! I put a lot of hard work into it. :)