Frontier Virtual Airlines I Frontier Trip Report Released


Ladies and Gentlemen it is my humble pleasure to bring you back to Frontier Virtual Airlines homepage (our last one had issues and was closed. This has been moderator approved)

Frontier VA is hubed in the most beautiful of the regions, Denver, Colorado with more than 45 active routes to choose from and 7 aircraft in our fleet.

FVACast, A podcast for you!
Frontier Virtual Airlines runs a podcast titled "The FVACast" with episodes that are released weekly. So far we have discussed the airline as a hole and have begun bringing in guest stars, with our last episode bringing in a Frontier va pilot to talk to us about what it is like flying for us. Episode 4, consisting of an interview with a real world flight dispatcher, is coming sometime soon! More episodes with amazing guest stars are already being scheduled.

Meet the Frontier Crew:

@Infinite.flight (CEO, CO-Founder, FVACast Host, Global Manager, Event Manager)

@Captain_Matt (CO-CEO, FVACast Co-Host, Routes Manager, Event Manager)

@Tecnam2TA (YouTuber, Staff Member)

@CaptJackson (Website Manager)

What You Can Expect From The FVA Crew:

1) Ontime departure in answering any and all questions and responding to applications
2) A steady flight with no turbulent adjustments thanks to our YouTube channel and staff who are on point and on the clock 24/7 ready to answer your questions!
3) Inflight entertainment in forms of biweekly events, internal events, podcast episodes, promotional videos, Instagram content, upcoming social media outlets, and pilots Mike/Drew in our Southwest debates.
4) A smooth landing in all and anything Frontier VA related. You won't even feel the rockiness of joining your first or newest virtual airline!
5) Clear and obvious instruction as you make connecting events or simple information needed to be a healthy FVA pilot.
6) A Customer Service staff that answers your questions before you can even think them ;)
7) A grounds crew that enlivens your day in their work on this airline. You don't see them but they are there and they will always be here to make sure your flight is smooth!

How Well Do Our Pilots Really Enjoy Flying for Frontier Airlines?

"This Frontier family really has been one of the biggest blessings for me! I have to be honest.... Seeing you guys at a young age so interested in something like this IS encouraging. I'm envious of you guys, whatever you want to do in life my friend do it..... Whatever sacrifice you have to make for the next few years will be worth it." ~ long time standing FVA pilot Mike

"When I'm in this virtual airline and working alongside my fellow staff, I feel like Ive finally found my voice. Like I finally have a say in things." ~Youtuber Tecnam2ta who also has been with us since near the beginning.

"Are we really this popular?" ~My CO-CEO Matt...don't ask how that got here.

"Frontier Virtual Airlines is like one big family. Everyone is excited when a new pilot joins. When you comment in internalevents channel and ask if anyone wants to fly, at least two or three pilots will immediately respond and fly with you." ~FVACast guest star and a Frontier Pilot Dairell Martinez who has been with us a long time.

"When I created this airline I never thought, no never dreamed, that it would become the pillar of friendship it has. Emergencies in flight are handled quickly and descreetly. There is basically no conflict at all. And yes I know we may not be the biggest Forum airline, or even the most popular. Truth be told we aren't either of these. But what we are is a family. I'll take being a family over being popular and large any day. It's more important to me that one pilot has a wonderful experience than a hundred pilots be a part of the airline and are kept at a cold shoulder.
We didn't earn our Instagram followers or YouTube subscribers simply because we were a well known airline. We had to sweat to earn every step of the way and I'm proud to say my staff has become the most intelligent and foremost in their fields. I am one hundred percent happy and content being the CEO at FVA and I would have no other airline represent me. Thank you pilots and staff here at FVA for making my journey as your CEO a trip to remember" ~CEO and Co-Founder of Frontier Virtual Airlines Infinite.Flight.

Here is a final message from the FVA crew and pilots,
Dear reader,
We at FVA would like to leave you with this final message. Thank you. Thank you for taking time out of your day to give the life you see in FVA. Because of people like you we are able to thrive with a healthy airline of over 50 active pilots with that many active each day. Because of people like you, we want to wake up each day and knock the socks off y'all.
Why settle for just any ordinary airline? Why allow yourself to fly and not be part of a tight knit family? So our recommendation to you is this and only Frontier Virtual Airlines because we are the Carrier Who Cares for YOU!

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(Closed) Frontier's Easter Discovery @ KDEN - 162000ZAPR17
[Closed] A very British (Airways Virtual) Frontier VA @ KORD - 281900ZMAY17

Official Frontier Virtual Airlines Topic?


Well...yes I mean it is the official one since the other has been closed ;)


Our thread has been severely updated with more essential information than before. If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment below.
The real reason I'm typing this (not to bump) is due to a bit of a late alert I have for any FVACast listeners. On our last episode with guest star and long time standing Frontier VA pilot @Dairell_Martinez explaining his life as a FVA pilot, I mentioned that global peaks would be introduced in the following episode or the one that is coming out by tomorrow at the latest. This is unfortauntely going to have to be delayed.
Due to information that will be covering the FlightCast recent stream and global things leaked out, and what with our amazing newest guest star a real world flight dispatcher for a charter airline, there will be to much information all compiled into one twenty minute episode. So stay tuned for Episode 5 where we will be discussing Frontier VA and it's global perks.
That's all and thank you to our faithful podcast listeners. You guys are the reasons I get out of bed to prepare the next episode.


Wow really nice VA. Not bad


I'm glad you approve kind sir!


You should come check us out im one of the pilots that recently joined. @Infinite.flight and his crew keeps the VA running great and brings a really enjoyable experience to infinite flight.


FVACast is releasing Episode 4 tonight or tomorrow. However, this episode will sadly not be featuring Tyler as he has a serious workload this weekend and couldn't make it. As a result, Episode 4 will be Matt and I discussing global stuff fro mm the FlightCast stream, and more importantly, discussing its impact on FVA.
Than you so much for understanding everyone it means a lot. So keep an eye on our YouTube channel and get ready for...
.Episode 4: Global and Frontier


Awsome I will listen to it when it's released


Tyler will be featured in Episode 5 so don't fear, the exciting parts will still come :) thank you also for your support. It means a ton.


Looks like a super solid VA since a pretty long time yet already. Looks like it has a good leadership!


Wonderful topic! Frontier Virtual is amazing!


Things are ran pretty smoothly @Infinite.flight and his crew has made things very enjoyable for the rest of us pilots within the Frontier VA. We all have fun that's for sure.


Official Airline Wide Announcements:

1) Frontier Virtual Airlines is participating in an airline wide mandatory Grade3+ exam period upon which they will be tested for their knowledge of how to interact on the expert server with fellow staff and with IFATC. This is to ensure maximum quality in performance by our pilots while flying the expert server.
If you see any pilots either advertising themselves as frontier pilots or who are pilots and are misbehaving on expert server, we encourage you to get in touch with myself or Captain_Matt immediately so that issue may be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2) To ensure after these exams are taken, that our pilots fully understand the information presented to them, FVA has begun a Customer Service Desk. If you have any concerns, grievances with the airline//staff/pilots flying FVA this is the spot to get conflict resolved. You can also make suggestions or question. Please make sure you keep a mature attitude while sending us a message.

Today is the final day we will be answering any complaints or inquires in this thread. After tonight ends, all Customer Service service will be expected to be shown in this thread.


Our next podcast episode is out! Make sure you like and leave a comment I feel you enjoyed. All support is appreciated.


Frontier Virtual Airlines would like to send the following message to all of you. Please make sure your seatback trays are up and your seats are in the full and upright position. Enjoy.........

Frontier Virtual Update, March 16th, 2017
Frontier VA has already begun implementing features in preparation for global. Here is a full list of features implaneted and more coming:

1) (Feature Implemented: FVA Exams) --- FVA has begun a new program in which all pilots following the publication of this letter, will be expected to complete a 6 page exam on how to follow expert server rules with IFATC and fellow pilots. Upon submitting an application and being approved, you will undergo this exam. It's not meant to see if we should accept you but just to test your knowledge and see where we as your family can help train.

2) (Feature Coming Soon: Senority) --- FVA will begin implementing senority into its ranks of pilots. Here is how it will work:
a) Every new pilot who joins will be restricted to flying the A318 in all events and training flights. You start low and work your way up. More can be found on our most recent podcast in the post above.
b) Crew Members will be restricted to flying routes pre approved with FVA staff and will not have flexibility upon the routes they choose to fly.
c) First Officers will not be restricted to routes but will have the same restricted flexibility. Restricted flexibility means they will have a set schedule to fly, as the real world airline employs.

3) (Feature Implemented: Retiring of the E-170 and reintroducing the B777 and B787)
a) Frontier va has decided with heavy hearts that our tiny little baby of the fleet, the E-170, will be retired upon the introduction to global, as it will no longer be sufficient to carry our flights.
b) Frontier va will be reintroducing the workhorse of our transatlantic flights into London and Amsterdam. They will only be acceptably used on the Artistic Channel.

4) (Feature Coming Soon: Global routes map) --- Denver International Airport will not be our main hub. FVA plans on opening hubs in five main airports around the US.

Thank you for your attention! :) If you have any questions about the updates you've seen here or would like to throw your lot in with the Frontier family, we encourage you to comment below or message myself in a private message.
On behalf of FVA I thank you for spending this time with us and I look forward to seeing you onboard in the near future. Have a blessed rest of your day!


Fingers crossed for KDFW 😂


Keep those fingers crossed ;)


Frontier Virtual Airlines YouTube RWA channel is proud to welcome you to a new video in our Spotting series thanks to youtuber @Tecnam2TA. Leave a like if you Neely and feel free to binge watch our other videos! Some spotting videos I created from O'Hare will be up soon as well!
Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone on board in the future. Enjoy!

Also a special thanks to all who attended our most recent event led by Matt!


Just your every four day announcements my friends, letting you know FVA is here strong and proud!
Some updates for FVA are as follows:

1) Episode 6 of the FVACast is hitting our YouTube channel very soon. It will be featuring @Tecnam2TA as our guest star. He comes to explain his job at FVA and what he does with the YouTube channel. So if you've been wondering why we've been doing various things on the channel, this is your chance!

2) One reason you haven't seen us impose ourselves on the forums lately is the amount of work it's taking to make sure we are global ready. I have the Senority program, routes for our creative program, podcast episodes lined up, and more programs to hit FVA when Global comes.

3) We have been weeding out innactives, so if your account at FVA suddenly deactivated and kicked you out, that is why. If you were simply busy please message me in a private message and I'll get back to updating your FVA status. Here are our current stats for this month so far:

Pilots: 43 active pilots and 62 innactives or banned pilots
Routes: Routes into London are being added to our overall
Flights: Throughout the month of March, 2017, we have had over 178 flights logged and over 60 hours logged.
Pilot of the Month: @Dairell_Martinez (featured on Episode 3 of the FVACast)
Staff of the Month: @Tecnam2TA (featuring on this upcoming episode)

Creative Route Map

Plans have been put into place to release global hubs in Europe, Asia, and Africa as well. Any questions DM @Captain_Matt (route manager)

Realistic Route Map

(Source: FlyFrontier.Com/Route_Map)

These are the routes we will be flying when global hits. Yes it is exactly identical to the routes of the real world airline, hence the name "realistic".
If you have questions on these routes feel free to message me or comment below. This map is not coming into active duty till Global hits.

Podcast Upcoming Details

Episode 6: @Tecnam2TA joins Matt and I in the FVA studio for some background discussion on the channel
Episode 7: TBD real world pilot joins us and discusses what it's like to fly
Episode 8: Frontier Virtual releases Part 2 of its Global and Frontier
Episode 9: FVA is joined by 3-4 FVA pilots and we joke around and discuss our ideas about FVA.
Episode 10: A very special guest star who is familiar to all, joins the podcast and discusses some upcoming features**

Any further questions feel free to message me at any time!