Friday Night Flight - Hop To France @ LFPO - 100700ZAUG18


This is gonna be my first FNF! Can’t wait to be part of this!


Great, I can “fly-after” my summer holidays.




Well that’s sad well then have a good trip lad


You can basically fly any aircraft you want, really.

To keep the realism, then the 777-300ER is the biggest aircraft to operate in and out of Paris-Orly, with Air France as the operator.

HOP and the CRJ, any of your choice is just a recommendation.

I personally am flying a heavy into Paris today so it’s your choice to what you want to go with :)


will there be any second airports active during FNF? because I wanna fly from atc to atc


I’m hyped see you guys there :)


UHh atis Isn’t an option on the atc menu anymore yet they just said delta is now current but I can’t tune into atis


The ATIS works. Not sure why you can’t tune into it.


I already took off, with the wrong atis, but I didn’t get ghosted for it and ground didn’t seem to care so idk


Is it only departures or is arrival also allowed?


Depends on if the controlles are willingto open others but I’d say most likely yes since, well as of now i can see that London Gatwick and Dublin are opened besides Paris, so 4 in total, so you can do some short hauls with the CRJ with ATC on both ends :)


Nice :D I messed up on my first flight though I thaught heathrow had atc, so I flew there instead of london city. Oooops. Oh well The approach controller still vectored me to heathrow anyway so I still got to do an approach, Landing was ok I think? I had some sloppy rudder on the crosswind, but I stayed on the runway which is good


Dublin and Gatwick has ATC now as well, you can do a slightly longer flight from Dublin if you’d like and meet up with the early peak hour flight coming soon ;)


Im at gatwick right now doing a flight to paris


Have a great flight and safe landings 😁


Me too, what’s your callsign?


air hop 570, I’m over the channel already


I’m flying on the right side of you😂


are you airhop 231??


Yes, I am… currently on FL250!