I am now providing APPR/STAR/SID/TAXI kml style charts for ALL airports both in Infinite Flight (Current) and Global (as we release the airports). You will find on my site several opportunities!

= Listing of ALL current active Liveries in IF with associated kml files of
airports they serve
= Listing of ALL current active aircraft types in IF classified by wing span. Also which liveries these aircraft serve.
= Listing of ALL A380 airports with associated NAV Files (kml)
ALL Global VOR fixes in kml file

In addition I have included a World Wide Index of ALL Airports which have currently been edited by our team and are now housed ready for Global.

TIP: These kml files are best opened in Google Earth. For best results use a PC or Mac.


Personally I think that is useful! It’s a bit like LF Horizon on top of Google Earth.


How to make best use of the kml files: Worked Example LOS ANGELES (KLAX) to SAN FRANCISCO (KSFO).
Open both files in same Google Earth Session


Zooming into KSFO to select appropriate SID
Clicked on MICKY on KSFO SID and DARRK highlighted
Same with KSFO I clicked on BSR and BSR STAR highlighted. Every other SID and STAR now switched off
Just select the desired runway approach to KSFO and voila!

I will be using this to plan pathways between 2 airports in Global. Right now I am loading current IF charts.

Your feedback please.


Yeah, but LF isn’t free


I recognize this fact. I have found that I can provide a free service via Google and share my data there. My question is, does this view ‘help people’ or am I wasting my time. Will people use this Google Earth plot which shows ACTUAL Infinite Flight Airport Gates AND Infinite Flight Fixes?

I do not mind providing such information on a free site (it was costing me $15 a month for my last siit). If no-one will use it then there is no point providing.

I wanted to provide an example for KLAX since many people use that airport.


Why not add a simple 4 for Terminal 4 or Bit for the bit one?


I would say this would be very impractical as there will be a lot of airports that need to be covered and some of those fixes added may not be in the code for various airports around the US.

I do like the idea but it just doesn’t sound practical.


Great idea and I’m starting to use it and seeing how it goes. I suggest maybe doing major airports only. I specially like the ILS approaches you’ve done.


YESYESYES it would be very useful


I would doubt whether the RNAV views are of use- I can’t see a situation where they would be useful.

I’m a horizon user, but I’m sure the parking data would be of good use.


@Kilt_McHaggis… Interesting But, The airport diagram in Chart Info would be useful if both the Ground Controller and Pilot where slotting. I see no useful purpose for the ILS/GPS Plot. The data/fixes are available in Approach Plates for those that understand and use them. Others could care less, they just follow verbal vectors or line up shotgun style until they they intercept the localizer


OK here is KCMH. I have extended the view to include details from the AFC Chart


How about this then? It is not yet complete but gives a flovor


This will be very helpful when global comes out to turn straight into the ils from a STAR


That is so cool!!!


KLAX now complete. If this is useful please suggest next airport

These Airport maps will be published in my new FREE site!

I will only be making these on request. If no-one wants them then I will not spend my time. If so PM me for whatever airfield you would like :)


EGLL would be very nice :)


Here is EGLL:


KLAX Complete: I will be adding these to my site;

Switch on/off the various layers

e.g. ALL SID waypoints (VORS have a special symbol)

GATES are also included

You will find these special ‘kilt’ vintage maps on my site!!


PHNL Complete: