FlyTasman Virtual Airline's Official Thread! | The People's Airline| Closing for a short while


Yes cause ladies and Gentlemen welcome @IFGP_GROUP-Lewis as our new HR Manager!


Adding onto that we’re still looking for members and pilots, I know that we’ve been slow on the applications but we’re better and if you apply you may be responded to ASAP!


@Connor_Seymour so if we are part of the VA can we fly any of the routes with any of the aircraft our rank allows and then submit it on the google form? Can we just fly whenever and log it as part of the VA?


@Jacob_Sim, you can fly your aircraft that your rank allows, on it’s set routes at anytime


Due to a heatwave in Australia, it’s important that you take precautions to ensure the safety of you and your passengers!


We’re pleased to announce that we’re offically running as normal, with 8 logged flights since Sunday last week!


Still looking for pilots and staff if anyone does wish to join. Also event coming soon!


Sounds and looks a very nice VA by the sleek design on your website. One thing I’d just like to pick up on though, do you really need 15 staff? Even some of the biggest VAs have less than 10 staff.


We have a lot of staff, doing a lot of different in their expertise.
I need my opinion the website needs some updating, more info on that soon ;)


Some of the staff don’t really do anything, it’s just to give all of the founding members a staff role.


Some staff are busier than others depending on what they do, keep that in mind.


@Jacob_Sim I think your looking for the old bate and steal its only used by smart people and or coc players


Mind elaborating what’s happening here



Our new website is almost completed, along with a new Alliance, which is in the works. We’d like to also say that we’ve loosed up security, however we’ve not completely lazed of.

We will be adding the CRJ to our fleet, along with the removal of our MD-11.

We do have an event in the making, hopefully within 24 hours.

Last but not least, new staff member has joined us, @TheFlyingPancake as our website design and development member!


We’ve had a total of 10 Preips and our pilots are Active! Our new website is taking a little longer then expected, but our new website is still accepting applications!

And we have a booking system on the way

Here’s our website


And you didn’t mention the booking system that’s coming with it ;)


And that, that is also a thing



We’re closing down this thread, to make way for FlyTasman 2.0, any staff member/pilot, nothing will change.

whats new?
New routes are being added
A codeshare is being formed
Fewer staff and less of a security holdup
New Website
Booking system
And much more! Stay tuned!