Flightradar24 Findings


Most probably an FR24 glitch.


G-VIIB is usually a backup aircraft for regional B767-300s British Airways are using. They come to Larnaca once in a while in case the 767 that's due to fly is having some sort of technical issues.


Ya but FlightAware says the same thing for that flight


C-130 just out of RAAF Richmond ( I had only just gotten on and I clicked on a random plane! ).


Found a random balloon flying over Wyoming at FL620


The brand new Virgin America A321 nearing its destination of Bangor, ME.


Most likely a weather balloon. 😊


Aaaah, you beat me to it


United's 77W departing Denver. I saw this beaut up close, photos to come soon.


Pretty sure I finally found the plane that enforces speed on the highways like the signs say.


I found this long time ago


Usually if it says highway patrol then I think your right


It could also be a training vehicle for the CHP. Sometimes they will use planes to train their helicopter pilots on slow spotting


Maybe it's not a glitch, here comes the BAe again


random comment but this morning i was on my laptop looking at forum and heard a loud rumbling/roar sound i thought this a earthquake then i looked outside 6 old looking small military aircraft over my house.....

looked on flightrader there were not on there....

Very rare/random to happen where i live never seen small military aircraft like this over suburban area


Were they WWII aircraft because of Hitlers Birthday? A day of remembrance of WWII


Of course they weren't on the FR24 lol. Military aircraft are 99.9% not visible on FR24, because the general public can see, and certain individuals in the general public, are psychos :).


United Airlines B77W


B748 cargo plane


True that is also why they don't show Air Force 1
(Off topic sorry) there was a guy in our Town who had RPG's and military grade weapons and was creating bombs and he said he was gonna blow up Air Force One.😒😑
Edit: they do but it is in disguise