Flightradar24 Findings


Definitely a charter, I don't know why a Hawaiian though.


Yea most teams here use Delta


I am trying to think why there would be a charter flight in the first place


For sports teams, really rich people...


First time I've ever seen a BAe come into JFK.


I'm pretty sure that's a glitch, I looked the flight number up and it came up with a 777F. Would be amazing though if a BAe could fly that far.


That's the one reason I'm doubting it, because it's usually a 777F.


What the...?😂


Air Europa uses a Dreamliner for a short flight between Madrid & Barcelona every two days (the rest of the time, it's use for flights from Madrid to Bogota, Santo Domingo, Havana, Buenos Aires ...)


Does the BAe even have that range 🤔😀


I found a private jet flying all the way from London to Dammam/Bahrain/Doha/Dubai.


Diverted to Toulouse


Hmm I wonder why? Really, like what happened?


I don't know what happened, I got a notification saying that it squaked 7700, and after I came out of the shower I got another notification saying it squaked 7700 again but it was on the ground taxiing.


I wonder what's this. It says it's a Qatar Airways aircraft but it has the LATAM livery, and the registration is Qatari. I looked up the registration and it came up with a picture of a LATAM A350, but most of the photographers say it's Qatar Airways.

EDIT: It turns out that they're leading from LATAM. Find out more here:


From what I could find.. Hawaiian does seasonal to PHNL.

Its quiet possible that this flight wasnt fully booked so they are adding a stop in PDX for the day..

Or like you guys said, Charter Flight


BAW94 - 7700

Any Ideas?


It's a General emergency. Maybe a medical issue with one of the pax or crew


Also this 777 ER on a 2 hours flight between Madrid & London


What is this doing