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With that drastic of a altitude change… Its a malfunction… (Cabin Pressure, Engine problems etc)

@FlightRadar24 will probably say something in the next couple of minutes/hours…


You know gat you can use an app, instead of the website, right?


I’m afraid the fastest bug, the male horsefly, only goes at 100GS, and it doesn’t usually have a transponder


I know but I don’t have enough gb left unless I delete some apps which I might do


Thomas Cook on 7700

Update 11:07 BST
Appears to have safely landed, anyone with a reason for emergency?


Looks like they held on the way back so can’t have been a major failure or issue


I would suspect to dump fuel over the Irish Sea


Ahh ye, good point, hasn’t been reported so must be minor, but why didn’t they land at Dublin?


weather maybe it is windy over there


plus if there is something wrong with the aircraft im pretty sure Thomas cook would put the passengers on a different plane and that wouldn’t be at dublin




Not sure why this EK777 is doing a lot of pattern work.


None of those are weird?


I have a bunch of pictures from the new app but they just HAD to be too large!


It happens to me all the time, it’s tedious when you have to crop them. Oh well.


It’s a training/maintenance flight.


I was at Manchester airport earlier spotting (excuse the poor quality iPhone pictures above) and saw the flight depart then land again. There were numerous fire trucks there, but it appeared to be precautionary.

According to Manchester Evening News there was a “suspected technical fault” - http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/thomas-cook-jet-bound-las-12897997.


Anyone could ‘suspect a technical fault’ they don’t know the answer.Fingers crossed the story comes out! - I bet that was a cool one to watch!! Thanks for sharing!


It certainly was cool to watch. I saw some fire trucks coming out and positioning near runway 23R about 10 minutes before the A330 landed, so was trying to work out which aircraft they were attending to!

I’ve been doing a bit more research, rumors are going around on twitter that it is a fuel leak.
I even found a video on Youtube from someone who was spotting on the other side of the runway!