Flightradar24 Findings


Interesting... AC following in BAs footsteps?


No, it's actually a normal flight with a normal class configuration. Since St. John's is closer to London distance wise, an A319 is perfectly suitable for it.

Similarly, WestJet runs a 737-800 on the route to London-Gatwick and Dublin from St. John's.


Waaaaaaaay over. The ISS is at 249 miles above the Earth, or 1.31 million feet.


Notice how all the planes going across the Atlantic Ocean are in line. There are several invisible flight paths called tracks, and aircraft select one after talking to Gander control in Canada, fly one of theses tracks across the ocean. There's a great video explaining this.


Yep. I know that. It was easier to just say above xxxxx feet than it was to google it.


Got it. Learn something new everyday, right?


Yeah, recently started with services to Edinburgh and Aberdeen.


That's good for Flybe


It is indeed, stopping the monopoly on those routes BA have had for a long time. It was quickly approved by Heathrow because there's some sort of rule to say that if another carrier wishes to operate a domestic route, then they're entitled to a landing slot - something along those lines. Plus that's the smallest aircraft Heathrow receives I beieve.


I know, I've seen the video. I love Wendover!


Does anyone use this??


It's much better than FR24


Services began on March 26


Wow, I have not seen many planes taking that route.


Just a cessna going 631 kts


That's no Cessna! It's Concorde LoL!
Now out of jokes, how is a Cessna going that fast (I know that the speed is ground speed) but even commercial jets don't have that much GS


Probably a bug or something


Windy day ar Buenos Aires, Argentina


the Virgin Aussie plane enroute to LA avoided tropical storm (recently downgraded cyclone) but american airlines (plane in center of storm) and united arilines flight (edge of storm) did not avoid it.

American airlines / Virgin Aussie both came from Sydney

United From Melbourne

All aircraft going to LAX
Would of been a bumpy ride


I found some really weird stuff at all three of the Kiev Airports
Antonov 225

A bunch of Plane scraps

And even a possible plane crash

All of these photos were captured on the satellite image found on flightradar24.