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What you see is aerial mapping/survey.


JFK is horrible right now. @cleipelt I saw your topic, good choice closing JFK. 😂


Every aircraft inbound for JFK has been in a holding pattern


O really? :) Never knew that


Funny. Not funny.


@Erj145 It depends how a persons mind thinks on that one


This is sort of the place to post this, but is the private 747-8? I think it is, it is from Apple Maps, on taxi at Keflavík in Iceland.


Cargologicair Boeing 747-8F, reg. G-CLAB. Only 1,8 years old. I am the blue spot, too bad I couldn't get a photo of her. Not so often seen here.



It is indeed a private 748, it's owned by the Qatari government. We even have it in the simulator


Simulator*, it isn't a game.


Right, I just got used to everyone else here saying 'game' :/



What surprised me is no one caught the Chinese president heading to Alaska. I didn't even catch it 😔


Jet Airways JAI009 & JAI010 going same direction in the opposite way nice to track that 1


Calm laura has called it a game before


Flybe operates into Heathrow now?


A unique route by emirates


Love how the British and European skies are just full of EasyJet and Thomas Cook this late at night!


Don't you mean Thomson ? ;)