Flightradar24 Findings


The inaugural British Airways service to MSY.


Just saw a SWA 737 fly over where I work. I’m outside quite a bit. Usually traffic going to Houston Hobby is 8000 feet here…but this one was significantly lower and has its gear extended and was coming from an odd direction. Looking at FR24 it was departing Hobby but had to return.


Not really a finding but the new FR24 app is beautiful 😍


Obviously not an SR22 😂😂


What? I mean just… Really? What? How… how could a… how could an SR-22 cross the Atlantic???


Unknown plane at Toulouse with the Callsign “7”


These are usually new aircraft out of the Airbus Factory


(Relatively) New livery on approach at SCL


First 787-10 taxis around at Boeing South Carolina, taking off soon.


got to watch this beauty be deiced this morning


A321Neo just landed at Toulouse.


Mx crew having fun haha, any Robs out there? 😂


Saw this UN 767


What a great livery!!!


I found Rainbow Roo yesterday

Heaps of traffic into China

Unpainted Virgin/Tigerair 737


I caught this bad boy just before I left Stansted Airport.


When you can’t think of a callsign 😂


I tried uploading this last week so. I found myself while I was on the moving map


A plane in its heavy check being tested


Some airplane taking a weird flight path