Flightradar24 Findings


Thats completely normal at TNCM! :)


Its a Twin Otter, no big deal :)


I guess I'm going to have to have to visit London soon :)


It's an intersection departure I believe.


Found a cool ANA livery


Moses Lake is probably the most common airport that test flight planes are flown to from Everett. That or Seattle. If you look at any recently produced or tested Boeing aircraft on FR24, you'll probably see a flight to Moses Lake.


For some reason UAL15 had a horrible delay out of EWR


You will see test flights for boeing are at Everett Field, Moses Lake, Renton Field, and Seattle Boeing Field for Western USA. Charlotte for Eastern USA


Found this beast today in the morning in FR24.
If you don't know, yesterday, March 26th was the fist time that a scheduled, regular A380 service into South America landed. Today in the morning I found the second one :)


That's a very unique picture for FR24, usually it's just a close-up!


took a while lol they have been flying a380 to Christchurch nz (300,000 population) but in emarites defence there is alot of money to be made because people need a stopover to get to Europe from nz and people from America is much easier to fly direct to Europe and not stopover in middle east.

But there are still massive cites without A380 but Christchurch has one lol it is quite funny


I found myself just now. This is the only thing Ive done with Inflight Wifi

Track me, CX856, The inaugural A350 to Vancouver and to Canada


ooh,must be nice, do take photos


Ummmm.... I may or may not do that sometimes in live... ;)


Lucky you! good flight to be on!


First time I catch the LAN service to Papeete. Nice stuff.



Kuwaiti Amir on his way to Turkey for I believe is a visit with Erdogan.



Trying to find someone or testing something?🤔 Department of Homeland Security.