Flightradar24 Findings


Uhhhhh..... I'm confused 😂


I wonder what they trying to accomplish, trying to crash because of loss of fuel or trying to scare the people on board


It's a bug, you know that, right..


Yeah, but what's wrong with having fun, it's also a funny bug


"Hello" 😂


This is quite interesting. Maybe one of the Australians on here can clarify for us.


Strange, Azur Air Boeing 757 in India departed from Goa to Unknown Destination
EDIT: I searched the flight number it is flying to Nizhny Novgorod


Aren't they a charter airline? Once I saw one flying from Koh Samui to Novosibirsk.


Searched on their website then translated it to English from Russian then I founded it And yes it is a charter Airlines


Austrians Retro Airbus coming to Tehran Imam Khomeini


Couple 'o Europeans departed IKA


Taban's only 757-200, seen here at Imam Khomeini Intl. This plane I think is the only 757 in Iranian fleet.

Hmm... this seems new. Never seen AtlasGlobal serving to Imam Khomeini Intl.

Laura, I'll pay you if you add the Azerbaijan A320 to IF. I so want to do that route.


That is a very unusual find as that aircraft belongs to the RAN and it doesn't have the usual Australian Defence force registration of A-20 on it. That aircraft was used at one point to survey parts of Australia that were unreachable now it mostly just does surveillance flights


No one going to mention the um particular callsign? KKK...Lol nice aircraft though.


Yeah. I noticed that the first time I saw it, but I decided not to say it and see who figures it out.


I saw it the first time I looked at the photo. Does sort of stand out. But all in all ehh :)



Anyone noticed the Aircraft Type? That 737 looks so weird...


Usually they do that when a picture of the aircraft with the current registration is unavailable, so the database just picks an aircraft which used to have that registration.


Just searched the reg. on the internet. Seems like this was previously used on the Antonov AN-24RV Seen here in the photo. But now it's used on a Boeing 737-8K5. Its just an outdated photo.