Flightradar24 Findings




Glitches, glitches…


No, it’s still going, it’s landing in Nashville?!


Looks like the pilots just decided to fly to Nashville instead.


What’s an Alaska A321NEO doing at KPAE (Paine Field):


They are teasing Boeing that they (airbus) are better.


that might be where the new commercial terminal is. In that case it’s just operating a scheduled flight.


That seems like a large aircraft though. I though maybe an ERJ-175 or Q400 would serve it.


Look who I found operating for Norwegian:


You are going to Grand Rapids?


OMG! The passengers are lucky AF!!


747 Fire tanker

Flew over my house about 2 days ago


Project Loon is out!


Oh no! What happened!


Well. Looks like your phone storage is full. No idea what you’re going to do. Not sure how you’re going to manage.


So many face palms… 🤦🏻‍♂️

Actually it looks more like he just went there if you ask me…


Well what are you going to do? Leave your phone storage? 😂


Found an Airbus Glider (As people on IG told me). I thought it was insane to be 58,800FT at 30knts


@HiFlyer yes I am yes im there now :D


Says a Suadia 777-300ER is in town with the flight number AA1234! Looked it up, just an AA MD-83☹️