Flightradar24 Findings


Is anyone having an issue where you type in a flight route or number you know for sure exists, but FR24 is saying no flight found or not showing a flight? I know for a fact that KL611 is a flight but FR24 isn’t showing anything. Same thing with flight GA88 from Jakarta (WIII) to Amsterdam (AMS).


Problem with the flightradar24 database/web server found in my troubleshooting flightradar 24 post it affects info as well such as searching registration & not showing


There is a Japan Airlines 787 approaching my hometown airport Basel (LFSB), Switzerland right now.

Unusual for two things:

  1. Never seen that aircraft here.
  2. It departed from Ljubljana, Slowenia. Strange route.

Maybe it’s for maintenance but strange anyway because JAL doesn’t fly to Basel. They don’t even fly to Switzerland if I remember right.

Update: Turns out, it’s a charter flight. Cool to see such a plane here though. Pretty rare.


Found this American Airlines Boeing 737- 800 doing some weird patterns over northern Oklahoma




Saw this 737-400 Prison Transport


This American A321 is diverting to ORD for some reason


This is supposed to be my plane tomorrow!


Found the china flight!


Lucky you…
I’m flying SWA monday and I’m hoping one of my 2 planes is a special…


Im flying on Louisiana One Tommorow! I’m so happy!


Another radio problem for this same aircraft. A6-FMA having another radio problem within 2 months.


My flight tommorow! :D


GRR, it got changed to a regular livery. FR24 is such a troll.


Lol. That happened to me one time it said that we were supposed to be on a 737 max 8 on southwest but then two hours before my flight I checked again and said that it was a 737-800.


Engine issues according to a twitter page I follow.


He’s in the air!


Found PAL’s A350!

That delay doesn’t look too good though. Maybe they’re still adjusting to the new aircraft.


I am genuinely upset right now. They changed my plane :(