Flightradar24 Findings


I know but I just thought it was weird that they kept a single old plane… Airlines aren’t really the type to keep it to reminisce about it. I wish they were though. By no means did i mean it in a rude way either though.


Look here:

I’m chasing it for a pic when it lands

Caught it!


I’m Assuming it’s being scrapped?


I honestly don’t know, it’s parked in the area where IAC has a line for aircraft to be painted.


Oh that’s the golden Atlas! I’ve always wanted to catch it! It’s likely being scrapped, though. Last time it flew before this was in March.


Or it’s going into storage


Is this a glitch? It’s diverting to Gatwick, the Aircraft is Cs300 but it says Airbus A220-300, and there’s two flights of BT617


They are mates though


The aircraft is actually a A220


It says it’s a CS300


Recently Airbus changed the name from the CSeries to A220


Ohhh I see now lol. Thanks for clarifying


Isn’t she such a beauty!


One of my favorite new liveries!


Air Algérie AH1025 the 737 is 18 years old!xD


Ethiopian Airlines Inaugural flight to Jakarta from its Stopover at VTBS/BKK (21/07/2018)






I found a real treat by accident


Found a refueler 707


Plane I’m in right now