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Delta get some of their planes repaired at Paya Lebar airport, Singapore.


I heard they’re cancelling all their flights until 2019 or something like that. I am not sure, if somebody knows please enlighten me.


Who is canceling all of there flight


Primera Air Scandinavia.


But it was headed to Changi not Paya Lebar.

Anyone have a hunch on who Delta is chartering here?

PSA back in Boston:


I believe I am late but I come to inform you that this is a real route as my mother has flown on it once. My uncle was one of the first to fly the route as well. Your wish is granted!



@Delta319 this may be the most intresting KPIT-KBOS flight yet!

Seriously any ideas?


Pilots aked the cabin if they want fly to Boston or to Florida so he decided to fly for a vacation.


I think they are avoiding a storm.

In all actuality it was just flying to Orlando. Rip flightradar.


Found the An225.


I actualy got a notification about him being a featured flight, anyone else?


Yeah, I did as well.


The first A321neo in Alaska’s regular colors spotted:


When weather hits, it’s best if you just divert to a different airport than waste your time hoping that the storm will clear before you run out of fuel.


@KPIT look who’s back again…


Inbound @Cbro4!


AAL A330-300 returning to KPHL after diverting to Bangor from Athens due to weather and a ground stop


Did I miss it? I was busy.

EDIT: Yep. Weird that it was coming from KPIT.


I found this to be a bit interesting because first of all, the largest aircraft that usually comes to my airport is a 767 for Fedex. Second of all, an a330 is on going from KBDL-KJFK which is only about a 20 minute flight. Strange.