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First A350-1000 for Cathay Pacific


Cathay Pacific A350-1000 First Delivery!


alien transport system



This is weird and I don’t think we can chalk it up to bad coverage…

Well I suppose welcom to Pittsburgh king of Swaziland!


Must be a private jet.

From me to you! lol @KPIT


@Delta319 I’ll return the favor!


Lol what. I missed that wow how did I lol.



Ewww that thing’s ugly!


@KPIT a bannanabus is headed your way!


I was on that flight. I had their signature ‘satay chicken’ dish as a starter. Was scrummy!!


If you watched Matt Cochran on YouTube you would know well enough what that plane is 😂

I strongly recommend watching his videos, they’re extremely funny.


Can someone explain why this plane is cruising at 24000 feet? Even on the outbound flight to Treviso it started descent like 50 minutes away


The headwinds are possibly really strong so they are cruising lower to avoid them.


I’ve seen a A330 cruise at 26,000 feet on a 4 hour flight to avoid 170+ knot headwind.


How long has this been in service?
First time I’ve seen this


Primera Air began trans-Atlantic flights in March of this year. They fly from London Stansted and Paris CDG to Toronto, Boston, and Newark.


It’s the Pope landing in Geneva!


Anyone know what this Delta bird is up to? Certainly not one of their routes


Probably repositioning