Flightradar24 Findings


I’ve seen a Eurocopter on FR24, but it was the British Police India 99


As you speak I found a Endeavor (Delta) CRJ-900 and Envoy (American) ERJ-140 inbound to Boston from Pittsburgh


Ya, and on our recieving end looks like there two inbounds from boston, American ERJ145, and a JB ERJ, I mean am I under estimating boston? Or should I be curious why we have about equil servace there as to NYC, and more than to San Francisco…


I’m loving all these new routes to JFK


There is a former AB’s A321



Its a delivery flight for Allegiant. It came from Hamburg or Toulouse (Airbus’s Manufacturing Factories) and is now heading to the US. Probably Shannon to LaGuardia (Shannon as a fuel stop for the A320)


Well, thanks for clearing it! For some reason I thought they buy 2hand aircrafts


True, American has the worlds largest maintenance facility there, but most of the maintenance done at TUL is on the Boeing fleet (737,757,767,787’s and some 777’s go there) while the airbuses usually are done elsewhere.


Say what?


The flight follower glitched. See the “fish tail” on the middle of the climb out?

Note this: All jetBlue flights from PIT -> BOS are like this format: JBU 1#86 @KPIT


No, I know it stinks near Pittsburgh, I just posted it because it is kinda funny…


Just found this:

@KPIT I also saw the Condor 767 inbound to PIT passing by Boston right now


Yep, I may actualy go spott it, on time for once!


Here it is. Due to arrive in an hour or so.


Yep, actualy I cant go, bumber, now I am looking forward to friday…


Well that sucks :/
At least you have friday


The aircraft was supposed to do AKL-SYD but diverted to BNE which is wierd but oh well.


@KPIT look another one

And it’s the old livery too


Found a prisoner transport and Dutch RAF aircraft


Probably going to the prison connected to OKC.