Flightradar24 Findings


just casually finding a spitfire in the air :) beautiful plane
EDIT: they were not originally designed and produced by vickers, im guessing this is an overhaul done by vickers not sure though


I see it too. Flies a weird route from Baton Rouge to Houston-Hobby. If I find it I’ll post it here.


Colorado One has been found:

@Daniel_Cerritos look where it departed :)


Expo 2020 a380:

Alaska’s “More to Love” a321LR:


An L39 preparing for Thunder over Niagara


A “Dreamlifter”:

Probably getting parts for another 787-10


So… Anyone want to explain?


I think thats a delivery route for Alaskas e jets


Spotting this with a few friends!


Might be nothing but its weird seeing it turn like that (Unless its a MIA Runway Change in progress)


Look up charts of the KMIA STAR! If they don’t have a star then you might be right:)


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Look at that! The first flight from Pyongyang to Singapore!


They could barely fill a 737-700 why are they now useing a a330


They wanted to bring nukes on board.


Found an OSU plane:


American using an Airbus on the Dallas/Fort Worth to Tulsa and back to DFW route. 🤔🤔🤔



Must have been a booking demand beforehand and decided to use a bigger aircraft


Not possible, unless they’re using spare fuel tanks.