Flightradar24 Findings


Air Belgium’s inagural flight (ABB 581)

Weird how it’s leaving Charleroi and not Zaventem…


For everybody that knows FlyWithCaptainJoe:

He’s on its way back to Europe…


First flight from Zurich to Denver on Edelweiss!

Future of KDEN Tracking Thread

Warriors on their way to face the Cavs:

A JetBlue E190 appearing to have some problems and returning to KBOS:


That 757 departed CVG this morning! I wondered why they needed it!


Well there’s the answer I guess


Is this rare?


I was playing basketball with my sister when I spotted her in the sky. Automatically knew it was a 747 and snapped a pic with my phone.

Looked her up on FR24 to find she is a retro livery Lufthansa 747-800. Waved her off with a cheerful “Hi Lufty! Looking mighty fine today!”


I found another one of my JetPhotos pictures in FR24!


FAA performing a flight inspection on the BE30.


Saw the Antonov heading southwest over Peekskill and Westchester County about a half an hour ago! Pretty cool find ;)


I too saw an Antonov.


Is there anything More To Love about this beautiful A321neo?


Sure I love puns but this pun is missing the magic.


I know this in IF 😉…


I first thought that there were two planes about to crash. Luckily it was just a glitch…


I think he flies the 744 and not the 748. Idk though


Max 7 being tested.


I see this plane all the time, anyone know the operator (also, is it a charter?)


It’s owned by DOW CHEMICAL CO in Michigan. They own 2 of the same aircraft