Flightradar24 Findings


It is a charter… Air Canada Jetz is only for charters


Yes, I got to see that a few times


When the later scheduled flight leaves before you

Facepalms In regret


Really dont know whats going on at the sky above Rome right now.


Giro D Italia live coverage.


Well well well, look who I just found departing from KSFO heading to KBUR!


I reckon this is Dwayne wade or Tom Brady returning home from there trip to the Monaco Grand Prix


NASA2 carrying out eruptions monitoring around Hawaii


Mothership protected by escort ships as the air nz planes approach’s enemy territory


I Didn’t Know This Flys Here to Vegas. Meaning, I Havnt Seen One Yet! Check This out @HawaiianPilot10


Hey, NORAD, stop tracking santa, and get on tgus rouge 737 over here! 😂


VSS UNITY over Mojave


Egalement choqué de le savoir la première fois qu’il est venu lol, mais c’est une belle surprise ce 777 d’ANA !


Look who I found at Vancouver:

The first A350xwb in the new livery for Lufthansa


[gasps] looks soo cool on that beauty


Found Icelandair’s “80 years of aviation” 757:


Fires near the bay area around my house so they have they the USDA heli out here dropping water also had a DC-10 out here too


I found a little beauty at SFO


I’ve been living in L.A. for the last few months. I see these all the time lmao.


Yeah I put it there bc my home airport is JAX which Alaska doesn’t service so I honestly could not tell you the last time I saw an Alaska plane was.