Flightradar24 Findings


That is a real thing, unfortunatly


Anybody know what that radar and plane are there for? In the bottom by 1R and 28L intersection


Anyone know what’s happening?


Most probably some vehicles with transponders. Sometimes they show with a plane icon, sometimes they show as cars. In EDDM for example we often see mowers showing as planes for instance


Wow worlds best team going on a 340, don’t they get there own Emarites plane?


At least it’s not a saab 340. Could be worse for them


MD Helicopters MD500 responding to a fire In the Burbank foothills.

Picture of fire


That doesn’t look good, though I see it all the time in Colorado. I hope they get that out. Wasn’t there a fire on the same cliff side last year as well?


Yep. California is the perfect place. Minus the earthquakes, fires, floods, and pollution. Otherwise, it’s great!




I saw the smoke over here where I live. I guess the Fire Season has begun in California and is gaining steam. Anyways, neat spot! I never seem to be able to find the water dropping aircraft on FlightRadar24.


I just randomly clicked on an aircraft and it turned out to be N8314L, an aircraft I photographed before! I uploaded the picture to JetPhotos and it’s in FR24!


Philly to Allentown? Interesting🤨


Icelandair announced January this year that they would start service to Kansas City (KMCI) on May 25, so yesterday I went up to the airport to watch the inaugural flight land! They even sent the Aurora Borealis plane for the first flight! I attached a video that I recorded of it landing.

Edit: Since the video didn’t work I uploaded 2 pictures instead.


Video doesn’t work, but cool find!


Aww that’s a shame that the video didn’t work, I’m happy that MCI is finally getting international business. Hopefully we get more international airlines.


Must be a charter…
Air Canada Jetz has done charters in the past.


Icelandair just resumed its second year of seasonal service a few days ago to Philly (KPHL) and they send the 737-MAX8 now. Can’t wait to see it one day.


Wasn’t the B757 on that route to PHL previously?