Flightradar24 Findings


I know that this is not FR24 but WTF?


It’s an error. Simple


Has Anyone caught the Antonov An-225 Mriya during its Flights?


A couple days ago it flew over New York en-route from Atlanta to somewhere in Canada (Halifax, Goose Bay, St. Johns or Gander). I accidentally deleted the screenshot


Look who’s back back again.

340 is back and she’s angry 😡 she’ll be operating Auckland - Honolulu. Honestly now I would rather fly Hawaiian Airways to Honolulu untill the 787/777 return on the route.


Aboarted takeoff?

Very strong winds maybe throttle setting not good


Very very windy in Wellington

As wellingtion is.

At least once a week 40 knot gusts


God this weather radar, Wellington is not the place to be flying right now


Off to work 👍


Oh Flightradar24, you got me.


For the summer only, you can fly from Islip to Myrtle Beach with Frontier!


Embraer KC390 squawk 7700 general emergency in Brazil minutes ago.
No aircrafts of this type have been delivered yet. Still testing it. They have had some incidents during testing.


NASA aircraft at 60000ft.


The aliens have returned!!!


So Air New Zealand leased highfli 340 again to operate NZ10 Auckland Honolulu same lad as before. Day 2 on the job it was trying to go to Honolulu doing its damn job but something went wrong taxing facepalms

So now passengers expecting to go on a 18 year old 340 are going on a 787-9.

Couldn’t last on its job for 2 damn days facepalms intensifies why does air nz either bother leasing if the planes gonna break


It literally did one service then broke down

Honestly might be safer to fly 787 with engine issues then this bird.


Liverpool F.C. en route to Kiev


One of the planes inbound to Republic for the Jones Beach Memorial Day Airshow this weekend


Real Madrid is on their way to Kiev


Real Madrid en route to Kiev for the Champions League final


Real Madrid is now also en route to Kiev!!