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What the hell a 787-9 From Madrid to London?


If I had to guess they are probably training pilots on that type of aircraft


Iberia uses an a346 sometimes so I’m not surprised


I know it’s just strange never saw a BA 789 on a short haul.


They have switched from 777-200 the 300 and now the Boeing 787 is there more seats on the 787 then the 777 ?


No. It’s probably to do with fuel efficiency.


Could be doing check flights


I Dunno…


Totally normal flight, previously operated by the 777-200ER. Iberia also operates wide bodies on that route.


That is an impressive distance for that aircraft


Guys, I just saw it again. Same exact plane. Flying over Dayton toward Columbus:

Date/Time: 8FEB2018 22:21 EST / 9FEB2018 03:21z
Callsign: BACON22
Regestration: 73-1676
Type of Aircraft: B742
Country: United States
Operator: United States Air Force


Lol what? MCI is in Missouri. It goes to MCI for interior work.


Ok, that explains why it said Diverted to GUM.


Wonder what the Air Force are doing with those callsigns…


What I thought these were long gone for Singapore airlines?

And it says it’s a A350???


A350 reg is the same as a retired 747


They still use cargo 747 :)


Yeah that’s what’s happened @Qantas737guy!


British airways London to Boston diverted to Shannon airport for some reason 1 hour 58 into the flight they where heading out towards the Atlantic


The Air Force sure does get creative with their callsigns! 😂