Flightradar24 Findings


Yes they switched last Tuesday I believe. LAX is becoming more popular.


The pope is heading back to Rome!


Where the hell are all the fighter jets?


Just spotted this landing at ATL from my little hometown lol. We have a large international cargo intermodal center at KHSV. Heavies in and out on 18R/L daily.


Not a 787 for the pope?


The same plane my dad flew on last Monday is operating the flight he is on today


Is your dad a pilot??


Nah😂, hes just coming back from Albania today lol


Oh ok I wish him a safe trip. I have to go now I have school bye.


Guess not I got a FR24 notification about it that’s how I know.


Thanks, he had a great flight and he got upgraded to business class cause the flight was half full.


I knew the max was efficient but not this efficient I mean this is crazy…


It’s mango, the African version of easyjet. They even copied the colour!


Pretty much! 😂 …



Another Military (Private-like) Jet. This time a Learjet 35/C-21A.


Don’t know what he was doing so far east… Didn’t have enough time to catch much.

Callsign: DILLION1
Regsetration: 86-0374


Found some weird looking Cessna thing at LAS


They can handle up to 10 to 9 hrs Norwegian flys from Dublin to Fort Laurderdale in there 737 max 8’s


These are flights, to calibrate the ILS right? Saw them a few days ago at EDDL too.


Maryland one circling ISP, can’t land due to thunderstorms!