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What a shame.

thats a joke don’t flag it


I believe they are doing one of 2 things,
A. Moving it to storage
B. Reselling it and testing the avionics before sold.


Yeah your probably right.


I wonder if it will become privately owned.


It could happen, but it also may be being returned to the lease if company (if leased)


737-MAX 9!


Damn Pingu good find


What could this be and a 727 still operating??


727 are still used in some cargo operations. It is private plane not in commercial use.


Transavia in the US?


That transavia plane is being used by sun country because if you go look at its recent flights it has the callsign as SY


What a livery 😂


What is British Airways doing down there with a 737?



They operate South African routes.


Gotta love the NEO livery, very nice!


Just found a rare one on ADS-B!


US Military GLF5

Callsign: R1778
Registration: 04-1778
Squawk: 2471
Speed: 410 kts
Altitude: FL400


This is a first usually they use an 777-200lr but it is a 777-300er…


Would of been a long takeoff roll a full fueled 777-300ER


One can only imagine…