Flightradar24 Findings


Found the new Tigerair livery on Flightradar

Actually looks quite good!


I’ve actually spotted that in August at my local airport:

I’m not sure if it’s permanent, as I’ve seen former Tigerair planes with full Scoot markings.


Just heard a plane over my house doing a weird noise and this is what I saw:

Didn’t know they would do a 360 so close to landing. And also why…? I mean isn’t it suppose to be slower than the jet plane in front?


Americans first MAX!


This is the first time I’ve seen an A321N on here…


It would be great if anyone could help me identify this plane! It’s parked at EGCC (MAN) Looks like a Boeing cockpit but those engines, body and wings! And before anyone says it’s a 747 this is what it looks like -


Looks like an A340-500 or perhaps -300. Livery is unidentifiable for me.


Hmmmm…looks like a Hifly Airbus A340-500.


Could be Hi Fly with the blue engines. They operate the A340


Why would they be in Manchester?


They do charter flights and codeshare flights, so it wouldn’t be weird for them to be in Manchester.


I know that Antonov! It had a problem with it left wing some time ago at ANU. When it was parking, it’s left wing struck a light pole at the airport.


Company’s like Boeing or Airbus can use the same Registration on its aircraft more than once. FR24 is just showing the aircraft the reg was used on


It’s actually based in Stockholm Arlanda.


What is there which wouldn’t appear on Flight Radar? Every so often, something passes overhead late in the night, often after midnight, only when I attempt to view whatever it may be on Flight Radar, there’s nothing there.


The aircraft can be identified by the positioning and number of its anti-shock bodies, the narrow pods on the underside of the wings. It is an Airbus A340, though I couldn’t tell you the specific model.


It could be a military aircraft, which doesn’t show up on FR24


I didn’t know they operated this route…


Yep. Defiantly an A321…


It’s a stopover to drop off and pick up passengers