Flightradar24 Findings


It has to be a helicopter because I don’t know of any C208’s that are stationed at ISP, and ISP has numerous helicopters stationed there (medical, news, police, private, etc.)


It think thats a bit wrong


I think it may be NBC’s. I’m watching the Parade on NBC and they keep cutting to Helicopter shots.


Yes, that’s probably who it is then.


Oh yea heard about that. Good thinking


Ya it was said they have 7 to 10 days of air left


There’s another one now.


The voyager is always flying about often flys over my house really low (20,000ft) when it should be at cruising altitude.


Bringing a new engine to Air France 66


An-124 leaving Goose Bay with the damaged engine


3 Paramedical helicopters!!😳 Not the spot I wanted, hope everyone is ok🙏🏻



Azul A350’s!!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they actually cancelled their orders. The picture is there probably because it has the same (temporary) registration.


OH hmm… did not know about that.


So short!


A few Bali bound flights are now leaving following the eruption of a volcano. Many flights are cancelled.

Bali Volcano to halt flights!

2 Air nz 777-300ER in same route KLAX-NZAA


Volcano 🌋 Bali


Is there a volcano warning on the volcano map in Flightradar? Are those aircraft just circling as well?