Flightradar24 Findings



Might be for the missing submarine!


Yeah my dad’s flight was the next scheduled flight on that aircraft (Sydney to Perth) but it was delayed 4 hours so Virgin was able to move him to an earlier flight with only one seat left.


What? Has this always been flying over me?


NYPD Patrolling overhead the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC!


Sweet! An-124 flying to Paris.


17 Airbus planed flykng around!


Royal Air Force doing something down in South America.


Why is it leaving just now from the Dubai Airshow??!?


Ok, so I knew FlightRadar24 was a very good website, but I didn’t know it had an app. And when I was looking through the description of the app, I found that some of the features we’re absolutely amazing! Pointing your phone at a plane and finding out about it? I don’t know how effective it is yet, but at least I can stop staring at cruising Jets and thinking 'Is that…uh…quad-jet maybe?" and instead actually what and where it’s going lol. I’m definitely installing


Yeah! Its amazing!

Just a heads up - It wont show hidden/blocked aircraft


Oh ok, good to know 😀


What is the KLM Boeing doing?
What is the destination?


I don’t want to scare anyone but it looks like the plane might have a problem. Especially the 41000ft on a 45min flight!


I don’t want to scare anyone either, so I’ll say, I think FlightRadar24 messed up a bit! 😂


Looks like Cessna is trying to promote their new helicopter at the Thanksgiving Parade in New York, or is it just a 208!?

sarcasm is intended


@AsorbMC I saw that! I wonder why FR24 has it come up as a Helicopter…


It is a NYPD Helicopter (Or a C208 From the Federal Government - Transmitting Stuff).


It’s likely owned by a news station filming the parade


I know there’s a missing submarine so that could be the case of why they are there.