Flightradar24 Findings


I have multiple photos. This forst one is a “flock” of gliders in Namibia. Must be some sort of airshow.

You would be extremely familiar with this if you fly in the SoCal region often.
These last two planes are something I’ve never seen before. Very interesting.


This cute little guy mixed in with all the heavies crossing the Atlantic.


United has ATR’s?!


FlyBe has ATRS?


7 hours on a low-cost airline on a CS300… yay…


First buildings… now planes? And also, Jeep?


You’ve never heard of a T-38??!!! And the Hunter jets fly in so cal a lot, probably from KNUC :P


Prime Air.


What a sound this aeroplane made when it passed rather low overhead last night! I’d have loved to have caught a glimpse of it.


Crap ton of these things over the Caribbean.



747-400s have their ceilings at FL451. The other variants up to FL431




Now that is a very rare occurrence!!!


I think their there to detect storms.


Actually, that happens almost everyday when I look on the flightradar near Centennial. I also went plane spotting there and they always do pattern work.


I was being sarcastic…


Oh my bad, kinda hard to tell over text…


Now wee see a Grade 2 doing their best work to get to expert server.


Samoa Airways’ 1 aircraft is having a hard time keeping up with all Virgin Samoa’s former routes! This was just today: