Flightradar24 Findings


Wow! I just found the brand new IPTN N219 flying on a test flight!


Hey look the Patriots 767!

If you don’t mind, you should go back to New England because right now, your in Broncos Country! #NoFlyZone!!!


Island air is ceasing operations this Saturday. 😢


why does this aircraft even exist wtf


Because the Patriots are like that.


Broncos Plane VS Patriots plane
Patriots Plane has brag all over it.


The pilots have to check the tires. Brady might deflate them. pls don’t hurt me pats fans


FedEx 777 ready for delivery


I wonder what this is doing
FR24 doesn’t even have a picture of the plane to!


9V-SKA flying to storage


The A321 party is being held in LAX this time!


Nice marker placement


Chuck Norris must be in there…


A lonesome Red Arrow.


Air Mauritius A350!




A 747 at FL450? Never seen that. It is probably very empty if not completely empty.


Just hoped onto FlightAware and saw how ATC is filing in aircraft from both sides at KSFO. Props.

Will here some sweet music tonight in the Bay Area because of reverse ops.


FR24 probably just decided to take it’s evening nap. ;)


it can only go to FL431