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This was from about 3 hours ago… forgot to post it


G-STBB first flight in a month after entering heavy maintenance at Lufthansa Technik


Was it just some sort of scheduled maintenance or some kind of forced maintenance because of a malfunction?


No, C (or D) level Check I would expect, this level of maintenance often requires the entire plane to be torn down to the frame, and basically be replaced where necessary.


And I assume British Airways doesn’t have hangars or whatever to do it on one of their hubs, so they do it in Frankfurt?


Just looking back on records, this aircraft has also been in maintenance for the past 2 or even 3 months, which is evident because the only flights are between lhr cardiff and frankfurt


Yeah, it’s a bit odd isn’t it. BA has sent A380s and 747s to frankfurt in the past for maintenance. It might also be that BA maintenance in Cardiff and at heathrow are all full, so they hired a private contractor in frankfurt.


I think it is more because LH Technik is known as one of the best in their sector, thats why many other airlines let maintain their aircrafts by them.


The Dream)Lifter Just flew right by my house!!!

Idk why it says it’s operated by atlas Air, though.


That’s weird, I’ve never seen an A321 land at ALB before…


Atlas Air is a cargo airline and they fly the plane. All of the 4 dreamlifters are


Oh ok. I thought they were operated by Boeing, but I guess not


Aero Mexico water salute photo on a random 737! 😍


Spotted this peculiar aircraft over Melbourne, Australia. There were only thirty-nine examples of this particular model produced, with production ending decades ago.

I don’t know what was going on here, in Brazil.

And how many gliders can you find?


United flying a 767 from SFO-HNL usually is operated by a 777-222. Something to do though with the retirement flight from SFO-HNL on the 744.


United’s last 747 flight


Could these two Hawaiian Flights be flying together? “Escorting The Queen?”

Is that possible?


That seems quite possible. Would be very cool to see.


Crying time I will miss the 747’s once they are gone… if only united bought -8’s…


Don’t normally see 767s in YYT from Halifax. It’s normally a Q400!