Flightradar24 Findings


Private visit I guess. Gulf Royals visit London and its airports almost daily.


I don’t think there has ever been a 787 at Atlanta. Can’t see this flying in ATL one day.


Weird… Blocked 777 flying out of Honolulu

Unknown Aircraft making a short flight in Hawaii…

Wow! UA livery looks so cute on the 737-700!

Stunning! Sichuan Airways special livery Airbus A350-900

Is this… Is this a Delta A350?


Found the first Air Canada 737max!

This is the first time I’ve seen an BA 787 going to LAX


The blocked 777-200ER is Omni Air International.
Military charter maybe.


Yes! I saw that at LAX! They also sent a 747. Their A380s must be being serviced or something.😑


Embraer from China with a Boeing callsign…


Virgin sent a 787 to ATL once. I was there but didn’t get much photos.

and Hartsfield Matt( Matt Cochran )


2 delta A350! 😍


Ignore the previous I was on the wrong topic. 🤦‍♂️😂


Flew over my house a few minutes ago:


@dush19 lives somewhere near Chennai


Yes, I know that he does live somewhere around Chennai.


On my way to school and I saw this.


There’s not very much flying higher than this one.

As seen on the cover of X-Plane 9 disc cases.

There looks to be a camera of sorts on the underside of this aircraft, there were no photographs of the other two, though one of them had the callsign ‘ALLIED1’.


The one in Infinite Flight!


I’ll have to do that flight tomorrow


Is that a different blimp from the one that used to be at Torrance?


Nope same one. It’s just at Long Beach now.


2nd time I saw this, reposition flight?🧐🤔