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Last Air Berlin Flight?


Nope, The last Air Berlin flight had a cool callsign, BER4EVR.


Goodbye Air Berlin!


Goodbye Air Berlin

Did the BER in BER4EVR mean Berlin?


BER4EVR = Berlin For Ever (Berlin4Ever)


Spotted a few Boeing 727’s in the air over the United States, one of the aircraft was privately owned, whilst three others were being flown by cargo airlines. I wasn’t aware that these aircraft were being operated by anybody these days.


I’m so happy you caught this! But it’s also so sad seeing none of their aircraft up in the air anymore.


Go around over my house! It’s quite windy here, no wonder he went around


Have no worries as there are still a few Air Berlin flights! Still tho… 😢😭😣


And a Norweigian Max at Gatwick.


A 747-200. I thought they were retired last year.


Some cargo ones aren’t


Spotted a gorgeous vintage airliner, the Boeing 737-200, along with an Ilyushin IL96.


But I remember some time last year when the very last 742 (also Kalitta Air) flew or something. I don’t know 🤷‍♂️


I wonder what they’re up to flying this Antonov An-124 from Iceland to, presumably, somewhere in the United States, and why it’s blocked.


What even



It’s just testing engines… But is for sure cool!!!


This must be like a 5-8 hour flight though


I believe that today GE were testing them GE-9X


I think it was bound for KSEA