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You have got to be kidding


Sad ☹️


What’s happening here? Air Berlin is coming back alive all of a sudden Jk I think I know why they have more flights now ;)

I wonder what their last flight will be in a few days time. Hope they do something special… like a water salute.

This is just terrible. I mean if Etihad was being bogged down by Air Berlin maybe they shouldn’t have pulled out so quick to at least keep the airline alive. But if the airline was unprofitable that’s another story.


Looks… so… good!


Saw it on takeoff, hehe



Global Jet Luxembourg A319 ACJ
Registration M-RBUS 😅


Looks so beautiful! 😍 It must be near delivery.


My dad on one of his usual business trips. I may start putting more flights he’s on here 👍


Conga Line of helicopters over Vegas for some reason
Conga_Line_helicopter copy

Also, a 727 aircraft completely oddshotted, It disappeared from radar soon afterwards.


Odd helicopter line - any idea what’s happening?


You found a glider, ironically a 727-030 has the same registration


Wow! An Ethiopian Airlines A350 before delivery! Looks so nice!

Look at the callsign… Is this related to French boxing champion Fabrice Benichou?

77F delivery for FedEx?

United 747-400 destined for VCV…😢
And what’s with the other two? An unknown united airlines plane and an perfectly serviceable Alaska Q400…

This is not usual… Only two planes at Las Vegas?

JANET 736 heading for either Tanopah or Groom Lake

3 Lion 737 MAX 8s in flight? Wow! Didn’t know there were this many 73M deliveries to Lion Air.

The cargo airlines… Still record holder for the weirdest name…


What is a Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC-10 doing here?

Quite slick-looking Saab 2000

Such an awesome livery. Definitely a must if the ATR gets added…


Or used to have the same rego 🙁


I did some looking around, the 727 is still flying and was registered as N727PX on October 6 2006


The Alaska Q400 is probably going in for maintenance or painting, the other United is just a mystery to me as It is you.


Because it was 3:46 Am.


Retro Livery SWA… I saw this plane in person at BWI a while back.


SAS neo!


EZY8933 re-routing around a storm on approach into Cyprus.