Flightradar24 Findings


I just looked on FlightRadar and there was like these circles idk if there hurricanes or something



There seems to be something wrong in Quito… maybe weather.
Multiple aircraft holding and two already diverted.


I’ve seen that private aircraft land at PHL many times before, it’s a usual flight. It looks very nice in person


Thanks for the link I see those ballons alot and it’s a cool project


Look who it is


I know but for Airlines like Monarch and Air Berlin it hasn’t.


McDonnell Douglas A4 Skyhawk in the skies above Germany. Callsign SKYHWK1


Again look who it is I swear it’s going around the world


Tokyo Drift like a pro…


Miami Air International flying from shannon?


Dallas Spotters must rejoice


What? Batik is a subsidiary of Lion Air. Why is this happening? Just imagine a CRJ-1000 in Batik colors, that is what I want!

I’m almost sure that this isn’t a glitch


FR24 glitch. Actually an A320


I actually saw something like that fly over Santa Maria today, very weird helicopter!


One out of the last long haul (flights to usa) flights. 😢


It’s sad I know, R.I.P. airberlin 😭😭😭


Yes. That is defiantly a A319.


Look at what we have here at LGA…


Fun fact: The A319 has the longest range in the A320 family