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Is this a New route? KIX-LIS? Because it appears to be, the plane made a route without deviations to Lisbon


Umm, ok

Not something you see flying over your house everyday


Seems to be a charter. We had a plane from Osaka too a few weeks back. Operated by ANA if I'm not wrong.


Lion 737 Max


Looks really nice in that livery


I think it's actually Batik Air. But they are the same company I believe. Nice and rare find though.


Batik air actually says "Batik" on the fuselage not "Lion". This is their new livery


But Batik is still a subsidiary.


umm no it isn't... batik is a subsidary of lion.


but that doesnt mean its the same. Ok lets stop trying to get to an agreement so we can admire the 737 max :P


Can someone confirm that this is a repositioning flight?


Does anyone think this is a glitch


It probably is. It can't be real.


It's only used when the other runway is unavailable


Thanks for telling me. I never knew they used that runaway


I’m writing this live from my flight. Free wifi is litπŸ˜‰ I’m tracking my flight from my flight lol


Wow lucky,never been in a flight with free wifi.


Haha rip. It definitely keeps you busy thoπŸ˜‚ Alaska airlines wifi is legit faster than the wifi at my house


Maybe try flying the 737-900 (if you have it) around Denver or Seattle! That'd be cool πŸ˜‚


This can't be true